Things to Adjust for Next Semester

Just talked with an instructor. Had a few useful thoughts. Maybe good to jot them down.

She is against having many projects. So I am using only four: website design, Literature Review, Interview and Arguementative.

Website design includes both visual designs and the function of Powerpoints. Or maybe I can include Powerpoint when they decide on their topics. Let the whole class help each other.

I want project reflection included in the website.

Personal narrative can be utilized, but perhaps not a full-fledged paper in two drafts. Students can only use some part from it in their final argumentative paper.

I might included some reading responses and ask them to post it on their website. It should be well-written.

A fellow instructor thinks it important to teach students how to write a very-rounded paragraph.

Since one professor is doing that with his graduate students, it might not be a bad idea to start with a paragraph, down to the basics.

Cut back on readings. The readings are too demanding for freshmen. They might be ok for seniors. One should not set students up for a sense of achievement, not a sense of failure. I will ravamp the reading list and cut them back. But what I keep I will ask for quality responses and discussions.

What else? I have mixed feelings towards group project. But maybe undergrad students still prefer group projects. It is important to learn to work with each other, and how to negotiate and contribute their due share.

Personally since others are not at the same trajectory as I am, I prefer working myself. Maybe that is the reason I have been deterred for three years.

Shorten my readings. The readings suit me but we should go easy on students. Let me think of a way to fix that.

So much for now.


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