When It Is Time for Peirui Su to Cry

Xianfeng Mou was not working at Purdue University for the Fall Semester of 2010.

That is the intentional lie that I must correct, again and again. That is why I call it reinforced correction. Like you reinforce concrete with steel to make it stronger.

Those that have concocted the grand scheme of letting Peirui Su steal Xianfeng Mou’s identity and send Peirui Su to Johns Hopkins, as Xianfeng Mou, has contrived the scheme with the intention to permanently shut Xianfeng Mou down at Purdue. It makes me feel as if that mastermind intends to declare Xianfeng Mou their permanent property, private property in a certain sense, so that Mou can forever work for them, for free.

I have calculated how much value I have produced and brought Purdue in eight years, and the most conservative estimate is around 12 million to 15 million U.S. dollars.

I could act as the President of Purdue. Don’t you think so? Twelve million U.S. dollars means I am extremely valuable.

But I am not anybody’s private possession. I haven’t married any guy from Purdue. So Purdue does not have the right to declare me its private property.

I broke away from Purdue on June 30, 2010. On that day, Purdue drove me out of the Purdue apartment.

Now I am rather grateful that I broke away from Purdue, because if I had not, I would never receive my Copyright Registration Certificate for my dissertation.

And my dissertation is very valuable. Some say it might bring me one million U.S. dollars down the road.

I know one million U.S. dollars is so little compared to the 12 million U.S. dollars I have brought Purdue in eight years. But no matter how little it looks, one penny in my pocket is better than a ton of gold in other people’s pocket.

So I consider myself not utterly stupid. I am very stupid. But fortunately I have kept a little bit of wisdom.

Maybe in other matters, I have also kept a little wisdom with me.

In the spring semester of 2011, I am still refusing to work at Purdue. People keep talking about a Direct Deposit at the bank, I have never had the intention of resuming that direct deposit.

I am leaving. I have told you I have kept a little bit of wisdom.

To China I go.

As to Peirui Su, I expect she will have an extremely pleasant time at Johns Hopkins. I am sure she will enjoy it as long as it is enjoyable.

When it starts to get less enjoyable, consider herself warned beforehand.

When I started teaching English Composition 106 at Purdue, I felt as if everyday I was riddled with bullet holes. People paid money for their tuition; they wanted results. No one is stupid.

Every day it was a battle.

Peirui Su thinks she is going to coasting through it all nice and easy, simply by stealing my teaching files and everything else?

Something that is too good usually is not true.

When it is time for Peirui Su to cry, please hand her some napkins, will you?

All Rights Reserved. Xianfeng Mou. Feb 2, 2011






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