What Happened to the Wen-Ho Lee Case?

Does anybody remember the Wen-Ho Lee case?

I do not remember that much. But I do remember Wen-Ho Lee was a nuclear scientist from Taiwan who was working in a famous nuclear research Lab when it happened.

He was a very established nuclear scientist when it happened. If I remember it correctly, he had lived in the United States for decades and decades when it blown up.

He was accused by a ghost voice and a ghostly entity of stealing nuclear technology and passing it  not on to Taiwan but to the Chinese Mainland.

The ghostly accusation lingered on for two years. And it did not produce any result. It just died.

Of course the accusation was just a pack of lies!

Compared to Wen-Ho Lee, I should consider myself lucky.

I only stayed in the country for eight years! And I know whey they made similar political frame-ups. In my case, I knew they stole and sold my one million dollar dissertation, so they made up such political frame-ups to glorify their evil and despicable stealing of my dissertation.

My dissertation is monumentally good, so they have to make monumental, political lies.

But Wen-Ho Lee was roasted over the fire for only two years! I have been roasted over the fire for four years!

It is my guess that Wen-Ho Lee was about to make some significant discovery in his research and work. His colleague, the ghost who made and started up Lee’s spying for the Chinese Mainland, knew about it and did not like Lee to make the discovery.

So here started the blow up.

Lee must have known whom that ghost is. I am 100 precent sure he knew in his heart whom that ghost is.

Did he keep his silence? Has he never said directly who the ghost is? Is he still keeping his silence?

I did not keep silence. Since they stole my dissertation and my identity, I have to expose them before I can have an opportunity to get both back.

My dissertation is mine! My identity is mine!

I do not care for a job, at here.

All Rights Reserved! Xianfeng Mou. Jan 22, 2011


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