New Definitions of Love

I think I have finally found the right definition of love. I have searched through a 483-page dissertation, and 500 pieces of writings from 2006 to the last day of 2010.

I am willing to share it with anyone who would like to have a look.

Love is when it is there you can never feel it, because it is everywhere. It envelopes you. Therefore you do not feel it.

You can only feel love when it is no longer there.

That is why I have titled some of my dissertation chapters as Presence of Absence in the Center. You can only feel the writer’s love, unconditional love, when the writer is no longer in the text.

I have been loved, I think. I am grateful for it. But I have only felt it when it is so far away, across half a globe.

I have also loved others, both ordinarily and epically. Unfortunately they both threw my love away.

You do not give somebody your love when they do not value and treasure it.

So I have taken it back.

As I have told, one only feels love when it is no longer there.

Another reason I have decided to take it away because hatred has poisoned it.

The other sides have started to pour hatred towards me when they find they could no longer take my love for granted, when they find it is already gone.

The second time it has been unconditional love, I think so.

But it is time for me to leave. I have other people to go to, other places to go to. My destination is not here.

Most loves are conditional.

Unconditional love can be found among writers and artists, the very best of them.

I do not know where to find it in everyday life. Maybe I know. Maybe I do not. I do not have to be that specific on this point.

All Rights Reserved. Xianfeng Mou 12.31.10


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