What I Want Is Only Truth

I can’t wait for the huge clouds of dust to settle down.

I anticipate the dust to settle, though not as fast as I wish.

What I want, I only want the truth. My dissertation is mine, all 483 pages of it. I wrote it and submitted on May 6, 2009. So according to the fact, I graduated on May 15, 2009.

If someone was kind enough to tell me I should be happy for my record had suddenly been changed to a graduation date two years earlier. How am I supposed to feel? I would be blissful if this happened in 2007, for I wanted to graduate in 2007.

But the fact is I did not, or was not allowed, or you could say I could not graduate in 2007 because of someone’s decision to jump in and jump out of my life as they like. The question is they bring hurricane wherever they desired. And I dislike destructive hurricanes.

I did not graduate in 2007 because I did not submit a dissertation!

On the other hand, if I decided to take the 2007-graduation bait, I am losing my award-winning dissertation. In fact, another shameless woman has already claimed authorship for it and had even signed book publishing contract by claiming to the genuine author of my 483-page dissertation!

You do the math! Which choice is better, pretending to have graduated in 2007 without a dissertation and with not one dollar of increase in salary, or sticking with the truth and upheld the fact that I graduated in May 2009 after finishing the record-setting 483-page dissertation!

I would rather stay with the truth and get to keep my one million dollar dissertation!

Who dares to think I am stupid?

Who dares to think they could just steal my identity by stealing less than twenty pages of copied documents from the university and from my apartment, falsified them and placing their picture digitally onto those few pages of documents, and in a blink of an eye suddenly changes into my identity, into Xianfeng Mou, and thus stealing the thirty years of life I have built?

Fine dreams you had!

I do not care about competing with whom, no matter where they come from. I hold only to truth.

This is also truth with my article on Eudora Welty. This article is mine. And the ideas I have put into this article belongs to me. No matter how many celebrated editors have read it and consequently decide not to take it, they can only claim to have read it. The ideas in the article still belong to me. Even if the article does not get to be published by the most revered literary journals or academic journals within the literary sphere, that finally it only got published in another journal not so lustrous, the ideas still belong to me.

And that is the fact I want. Nobody is stealing my ideas by stealing my article.

That is the truth I must defend.

Nobody is stealing the ideas in my article by claiming I should not have known the ideas because I am not a U.S. citizen. Welty does not specify only her fellow countrymen have the right of priority to understand her.

It is a fact nobody in the entire world has understood her in the way  I have understood her in sixty years!

It is the right of discovery that we must defend.

Who dares to steal the right of discovery from Einstein’s hands regarding the theory of relativity? He was rather obscure when he made his discovery. Suppose a famous physicist, who was so jealous over Einstein’s discovery and sudden shot into fame, or better still, Einstein’s colleague in the patent office who suddenly became jealous, decided to claim the right of discovery, there would be no Theory of Relativity. There would be no Einstein.

Who stole my dissertation? I do not care if the shameless woman or remotely a man signed the book publishing contract by signing their name onto it, they should be thrown into prison.

A theft of my dissertation, which they sold for 360,000 dollars, plus the theft of my identity, is serious enough a criminal offense.

It is good to be honest. I am the author of my dissertation, the entire text. No shameless woman is sleeping with whichever man she could find in order to steal 200 pages out of my dissertation and secretly publish it as hers.

No shameless woman is stealing my article by sleeping and sweetening men with their honeyed words which immediately turn into daggers when they turn their ugly face to me.

My Welty article is mine. No shameless man is stealing it, even if they are not stealing it for themselves, but the women they are sweet on.

So what? The nature of the act is still stealing! Who says it is not?! And it is still selfish and shameless! It is the same the particular shameless woman stole my Wang Anyi article and then submitted it as theirs.

Although it may appear the men who helped the women steal my dissertation chapters or journal articles are not stealing for themselves, deep down they are still stealing for themselves, because the women offered different amorous rewards in return for their stealing. It is still exchange. And nothing changes that.

I will see anyone dead before I allow them to steal my dissertation, part or half of it. I will see anyone dead before I allow them to steal my Welty article!

I place my words squarely here, on the public square of the internet where everyone could see.

You are not getting away with it, men and women included. I will smash the thieves to pieces!  I swear I will!

This is the real Xianfeng Mou writing these words. I do not change my name. I do not do wrong things, I do not break the law, I do not steal a classmate’s 15,000 dollars, I do not steal a classmate’s dissertation by always going out with various men, I do not steal my classmates’s journal articles and submit them as my own. What do I need to be afraid of?


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