One Explanation and Some Announcements

One note of explanation on why I am using this blog, instead of the 2010 Spring one.

One declaration is I am not teaching at Purdue. The University told me to leave, and that kind of message was not, is not, will not be said lightly. It is high time somebody there takes off their coat of lies. I am not teaching at the place where I have both my dissertation and my identity stolen.

This perfect plan is not going to work.

But the reason I am using this blog is the 2010 spring blog is contained, which means no matter how much I write there, the content is being hidden from public view. The man thinks he has every power to do whatever he wants: he wants me locked up, then I should be locked up; he wants others to die first and then live, they will die first and then live, if they can leave their nightmares forever behind them.

I using this blog because it might still be read.

As to announcements, I always know I am going to win this fight. The more the evil doers step up their efforts, the more anxious they have become because of the pressures they are receiving. They have fires burning under them.

I am not going to be intimidated at this time. I was intimidated before, but not now.

The balance is tipping.

For their reference, let me provide some details.

Head on the ground. Till today I still do not know who she is sleeping beside. Maybe she has quite a few fixed partners.

This goes nicely with the image I had seen in my previous piece, when one man wanted to cut off my head, lock it up in a cage, and if that was still not enough, push it under water, to give it ubiquitous oppression.

I shall get back what belongs to me.

As to the other key player, the woman, there is nothing much to say about her. In my vision, she always presents herself as a dog. Once its head is touched, the dog immediately contracts its body in docility.

A head cut off. One thousand and one nights. Brought back some memories.

Before I could schedule a day for my final defense, which eventually was set for Feb 17, 2009, again after my appealing to a Dean in the College of Liberal Arts, the dissertation director suggested I either cut off my Introduction Chapter or move it to the preface.

Excuse me, I think, the Introduction chapter equals to a person’s head, if we can roughly compare a dissertation to a person. The introduction chapter, which is about 40 pages, tells the reader what the project is and does, how I organize my chapters, and how I carry forward my argument, and possibly what tentative conclusion I have drawn. It contain not only the main direction my argument is going, but more importantly the entire framework of my dissertation.

Does any professor in his or her right thinking suggest a student to cut off the Introduction chapter to an entire dissertation? I know I will not do it in a million years. So I fought the wrong suggestion.

The preface, as common sense tells me, is not an integral part of the project. Authors often get a big name in the field, a celebrated person, to write a preface for them, mostly to praise what a fine job the author has done, what a lovely person the author is, primarily as a marketing strategy.

They function as book views on the back cover from well-established newspapers, or book review magazines.

Fortunately I was not advised to cut away my conclusion, but it was significantly reduced, at least by 50 percent.

I do not take to my article being cut that easily. I always strangely feel as if my flesh has been cut, if my article is cut.

Viewed in this light, anybody could imagine how furious I became when I found some students, even faculty members, have stolen my dissertation chapters, or even a book out of my dissertation!

I really stress the importance of words. I do not say things or write words that lightly. Therefore, rumors or slanders some mean-spirited persons have been pouring over my head, I do not tolerate it.

I had fought for two years to keep the dissertation to go in the direction I wanted it to go, not what somebody else wanted it to go.

Therefore, now that the dissertation had won awards, it proved my direction and sense of direction is right, is acceptable, is more agreeable. And it works much better.

Every step of the way I had to put up a struggle for what I wanted.

I appealed to the Dean of the university to get graduated. The Dean honored his promise. He told me his job was to get me graduated, and graduated I was on May 9, 2009.

But that did not please the professor. Ok, you had to teach for me for another year, and to the outside world, your de facto record, I would make sure, was still not graduated.

Ah, that might very well be the thinking.

I do not understand why he has been rather happy to find a contestant in me.

But I graduated. I had my doctoral diploma in my hand, and he could not take it away from me.

Teaching for another year? So what?

It is the jealous of those that could not leave over those that could leave, especially if you could leave for a better position that they would gouge out their eyes for.

What is there to be surprised at? I had always been able to rise up against adverse environments, at least three times before, in my life.

No one said I could go to college; to college I went.

No one said I could attend a Master’s in the English major, to a Master’s in the English major  I went.

No one said I could finish my phd in American Literature in a timely fashion, in fact one professor once kindly expressed that it was really hard for international students, even reckless, to decide to pursue a Phd in the U.S. But graduated I pushed it through. What the professor did not say was even U.S. grad students find it too stressful, to say nothing of the pressures international students have to overcome.

Besides all that, there is also the pitfalls of the seduction, the bullying, and the scheming.

Why should I buy into others’ incredulous prediction about me?

For those that wish me well, I think I might make them smile.

For those that wish me bad luck, I think I might dismay them.

If not, why should someone has become so intent on blocking my progress that their single-mindedness borders upon craziness?

Once I wrote crazily.

In interpersonal relationships, you get what you sow. In fact, in every kind of relationship, including academic relationship, you reap what you sow.

You treat people if not nicely at least humanely, then I would treat you nicely and more humanely than you treat me.

In academics, I have given support while all I received back was undercutting, stealing, blocking, and jealousy.

Remember you reap what you sow.

I have made very fine articles. I have sent them to editors that I think would like my articles. And in most cases, I am right. I have never submitted what I consider a lousy paper to any of the journals I have ever considered.

As to refusals, some were natural; some might be prearranged. Learn to live with refusals. You refuse; you also get refused. That is life.

I have scaled over that mountain of pains.

Under no condition am I looking back. I look forward. As the Dean had told me,”It is time to move on.”

I finished the task on the last day the Dean had given me, on September 16, 2010. I thought I finished it on September 3, 2010. But no, a refusal arrived on September 11, 2010. So I had to rework it, and resubmit it to another journal. With the completion of that task, I will move on.

I had the strange feeling that I was closely watched while I was writing that article. I did not know whether my writing the article was designed as a proof, or demonstration, to see whether I have really written my dissertation independently, as I have told so, and to see where my loyalty is located.

I think my Welty article speaks for itself. I will not say more here.

I don’t think anybody is stopping me this time. It is also useful to keep in mind I have produced this journal article, the crown jewel of my eight years, outside of Purdue.

I had a strange feeling as if many places, like these academic journals, know I would go to a new place. Or maybe my desire to leave clicks whenever the journals instruct me to remember to update my info if I think I will move to another institution.

That proves how much freedom means to me, to creativity, to my future.

With the completion of my Welty article, I have also won back the freedom long denied me, all because of jealousy from some mean-minded contacts. Their jealousy drove them to make up any stories their minds could imagine, and as a result, the University placed a constant watch over me, as if I am a suspect of some sort.

Now that I have produced my WElty article, I think those suspicions have also died down.

What belongs to me should all belong to me.

Regarding internet, I do not mind if the investigators cut my internet off to test their hypotheses, for I always tell them my files and social records have been stolen, but the police could not trace the culprits, let alone find them. If the evil doers are using lies such as I did not pay my internet bill to cut off my connection, I think that should be stopped now.

One has to leave when it is time to leave.


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