Johns Hopkins Fires Peirui Su, Who Has Stolen Xianfeng Mou’s Identity

Johns Hopkins finally fires Peirui Su, who has cheated the University by stealing Xianfeng Mou’s complete set of academic and social records, from 2002 to 1010 and pre-2002 records.

Johns Hopkins finally makes the decision, after its initial disbelief and hesitation, at their student’s request.

Due to the serious nature of Su’s crimes and offenses, it is recommended that Peirui Su shall enter a correctional facilities to learn proper ways of  how to act like a responsible member of the society. Before she learns the rules and ways to appropriately conduct herself, she will not be released into society.

The official date is to be ascertained.

As to the man in this case, the authorities know how to handle him. Mou does not wish to say anything, for everything has been presented, as best as she knows. She is sure there are a lot she does not even know.

All Rights Reserved. By the real Xianfeng Mou. October 6, 2010.


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