I Know I Will Win before I Go into the Battle: Xianfeng Mou vs Peirui Su

Regarding my current battle against Peirui Su’s stealing my identity, Xianfeng Mou’s identity and a U.S. passport that is intended for me, strangely I always know I am going to win.

My guess is lots of people around me do not believe me. Moreover, they have even become annoyed, if not angry, over my insistence.

But I always know I am winning. My belief, however, is not based on my unconditional trust in the belief that the right is always going to beat what is wrong, or the good is going to beat the evil. Not that.

I know I am winning because I see she is being knocked out of that high teaching position right in front of my eyes. It looks like a picture.

Let me see whether I can describe it for you. It looks like a poisonous weed is suddenly being pulled out of its root by a sudden force. I see that picture in my mind. Therefore, I am working towards it.

I know I am winning also because she is too easy to knock out, if not without the man’s meddling. All she has ever hoped is to peg her current fate with the man. And since she represents the man’s double life that he does not like others to know, she figures he is going to do everything he can to ensure she will stay there, securely.

To be honest, if she really believes this, I would rather praise her for her faith in men. After I have seen what have happened in these four years, I do not naively put my faith in men, as she does.

I do not think the man is going to protect her forever. After he sends there, he would think he has fulfilled part of his deal with her. What she fares over there, it is up to her.

What I am not giving up is to pursue her right there, to Johns Hopkins University. I let her know that I will never stop until I knock her out of my identity, my everything, and out of Johns Hopkins.

Someone might be thinking that I believe I will win because I’d rather believe another professor’s words, for the professor declares that I would laugh my last laugh. While his statement is not wrong, I will laugh my last laugh.

My primary reason for believing I will win is I have confidence in my overall work, particularly in my dissertation and in my articles. I believe they are very good, for I only give people what I consider the best. As to my teaching materials, those online are open for everyone to see. No matter how badly and in rare cases how viciously some persons choose to bad-mouth me, eventually their lies die away.

After the dust settles, and I am seeing the system working right now, I believe I do not need to wait long. And  I will leave in style. I will get back what is due me.

My thinking through it all, all these eight years, is very very simple. I try to make life just a little bit better than it was a moment ago, or when it was yesterday, for me and for those around me. Sometimes the words get strong, especially when some people get hotheaded and when people do not know you that much, but my intention has always been to make things a little bit better, sometimes a lot better. Which host, or which host culture does not appreciate someone who tries to improve things for them? If I am a normal person with normal desires, I think I would like someone like that around me. I do not prefer to have someone who is always making things getting worse and worse.

You know it is also this naive thinking that I bring into my research and study. If I somehow believe the writer, be it a male or a female, likes to make things better for himself, or herself, for his or her culture, for many peoples in many cultures if the artist is capable, now what do I see through their works?

Often this thinking brings me unexpected discoveries, sometimes spectacular discoveries.

I sincerely want to make you happy.

At the deepest core, things are just that simple.

By extension, I also want people who can make my life better around me. Those that make my life getting worse, I can at least choose not to associate with them, can’t I? I can take myself away if I can’t ask them to go away.

That is all I ask.


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