Far from the Maddening Crowd

I have been asked what I will be doing after knocking Peirui Su down. I haven’t exactly thought about it. My whole purpose has been knocking her down.

The semester is rather late, and I am tired of teaching anyway. Thought I might want a break from it all.

By the way, (I have always known that “by the way” means something insignificant so you just act like the idea just strikes you), I did not apply to the conference application yellow notice I received in the mail to My NimitZ address.

I do not like to have to go to these many places to be kept out anyway.

I have believed I have fulfilled my duties towards the host culture, and the concluding mark is my paper on Welty. After finishing that paper, I know it signals something is ending.

With that paper, I have become duty-free. I am free, therefore no man or woman is going to claim me as their corporate property.

I have fulfilled my duty, on the last day of my eight-year stay, from Sep 16, 2002 to Sep 16, 2010. Eight years in total.

So, somebody better leave the dream behind, the dream of continuing my indentured existence. I am nobody’s intellectual slave.

And I am knocking Perui Su out of Johns Hopkins. She is NOT  stealing my dissertation, my journal articles, and my freedom symbolized by a U.S. passport bearing Xianfeng Mou’s name.

Oh, nobody is fooling me.

Out of all U.S. universities, I am only zero in on Johns Hopkins, for Perui Su, who has stolen every academic and social record from Xianfeng Mou, is working right there under a so-called CONFIDENTIALITY rule.

As if I care about that rule! She does not steal my identity and then seeks fig leaf protection under that confidentiality rule.

She is being knocked out of Johns Hopkins! That layer of lies she surrounds herself must be poked through! And I am poking, poking, and poking!

Nobody is stealing my article and my presentation files for her, not this time! She is out, definitely.

Even though the bluetooth technology is secretly enabled on my personal computer, on the backstage, without my knowing it, nobody is stealing my files again!

Do not even bother about sneaking into my computer! There are no files on it. This computer now functions only as a working platform. It is my factory. And the products, I keep them elsewhere.

So let your desire of stealing from me to continue to pump up the pack of lies surrounding Peirui Su, DIE.

Sorry, Baby, you will become disappointed, for the one and only time, in your life!

And with it, I am knocking Peirui Su down.

Can you feeel her approaching pain, right now, at this very moment?

Hope she does not complain her fall is a little bit too hard for her to stand. If you could remember, just a little bit, of what you did in May 2006, and if she could remember what she did on August 16, 2006, perhaps the pain of both of you will become a little bit more bearable.

I am tasting the sweetness…. right now, on the tip of my tongue.

Her days are numbered by the fingers on her hands. I do not need to wait much longer.

What could be more sweet than victory? A long awaited victory, after four years?

I KNOW defeat is a little bit hard to swallow. BUT WHAT COULD I DO?

I thought you could do something, if only to put it down a little bit gently, be a little bit humanely, practice intensive stealing a little bit slowly and a little bit less crazily; and valving your utterance a little bit tightly when spewing out packs of lies; and much much more.

But the past is the past! I have turned it over. I am into the future, a future of freedom, dignity, and respect.



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