Through Stealing Xianfeng Mou’s Records, Peirui Su Transforms into Mou and Got a U.S. Passport

Peirui Su from Purdue University has spent four years, from 2006 to 2010, to steal Xianfeng Mou’s complete set of records, including both Mou’s Purdue records, from 2002 to 2010, and Mou’s pre-Purdue records, and transformed herself from the obscure Peirui Su into Xianfeng Mou.

As a result, the real Xianfeng Mou has been rendered non-existent, for the more she does, the more Peirui Su reaps.

Peirui Su’s strategy is to Steal and Destroy.

She stole Xianfeng Mou’spre-Purdue files, then she inserted virus into the original files, and not only that she has also set passwords to them and changed passwords to Mou’s two laptops, the old one Toshiba, and the new one, Mac. As a result, Xianfeng Mou has been permanently locked out of those files.

Therefore, when Xianfeng Mou finally made the trip and pursued Peirui Su, which has now taken on Xianfeng Mou’s identity, and is now working at JOhns Hopkins’ University as Xianfeng Mou, Johns Hopkins People simply does not believe the real Mou’s words.

Take and Destroy. The strategy is really effective.

Peirui Su certainly does not pull this off on herself. She has a man as her accomplice, for the man is very good with computer.

Mou highly suspects the man behind the grand scheme is Peirui Su’s dissertation director.

From 2006, Su hated and envied everything Mou has had. So she started to plan and execute her plan step by step.

Right now, Mou is still pushing government officials, for passport fraud, citizenship fraud, identity fraud, and academic fraud, such as stealing Mou’s dissertation and selling it for 360,000 dollars, all constitute Criminal offenses.

Mou is having a very hard time pushing the case forward.

Perhaps Mou has unfortunately found herself in a snake pit or something. Lies are everywhere.

Mou was told to leave the University in June and July, 2010, while the people there would still lie to authorities, telling them Mou is still working there. Mou is not working at the University, while someone there could still tell other universities that ask for Mou, that Mou is working at Purdue.

Lies fly everywhere.

How can an agent from the outside tell what are the right set of records, what are the wrong set of records? Nobody but Mou herself knows. When she requested materials, she found loopholes and wrong records everywhere.

So, it is really a most difficult job for government agents.

Right now Peirui Su, with everything she has stolen from Xianfeng Mou, is teaching as Xianfeng Mou at Johns Hopkins. But Johns Hopkins is very angry that the real Mou showed up telling them what they have on their campus is nothing but a thief and a whore, though a sophisticated thief the woman is.

Perhaps, neither Purdue nor Johns Hopkins cares whether Peirui Su has really stolen Xianfeng Mou’s identity or not.

At most, for Purdue, as long as Mou was not taking out a gun and finish Peirui Su off, it was Ok.

As for Johns Hopkins, as long as Mou did not take out a gun or a knife and stab the thief to death on their campus, it is not a big deal after all. if the Purdue graduate is indeed fake, Johns Hopkins can fire her after one year, if the university is so willing.

If Johns Hopkins does not feel like brushing off of what they consider a VIP from Purdue’s wish, for Peirui Su has been the Purdue VIP’s secret mistress for four years, at least they can hang her up.

Nobody gets hurt, except the real Xianfeng Mou.

She has been working for all these 36 years, only to have her life stolen away from her.

So, understandably Xianfeng Mou is not letting both Peirui Su and her secret lover, the man who is her dissertation director, getting away with everything so easily.

What Mou does not understand is Johns Hopkins does not even feel offended.

Though Mou is 100 percent sure Peirui Su, or the fake Xianfeng Mou, is definitely working at Johns Hopkins.

Johns Hopkins has everything to lose but nothing to gain, for the University does not what kind of person Peirui Su is. The University will be more than sorry for their inaction now, later, and it will be too late.

But, right now, Peirui Su even has U.S. citizenship, for she has got a U.S. passport, and is working at Johns Hopkins, as Xianfeng Mou.

Mou thinks she has to continue to push her case. A gentleman told her such case does not only concern academics or Su’s stealing of Mou’s money from Mou’s bank account, it also constitutes a serious security issue.

Since Su has successfully stolen Mou’s identity and everything and transformed herself from nobody to a fine scholar, what else she can’t steal at Johns Hopkins? Everywhere, now even armed with a U.S. citizenship?


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