Do Not Use My Family as Hostages

I forgot to mention it is advisable someone is not thinking of using my family members, holding them as hostages to force me to work for them.

I am determined to go for my freedom.  I am ready to leave them behind.

Besides, their life would be much better in China. They do not possess the necessary skills to survive in this American environment, so their life would be forever unhappy.

They are not like me.

I have proven myself, step by step, in these years to make my way up from the lowest level. I have fought my way up and have proven how much value I could have, now and in the future. That is the primary reason I am not letting others take away my value, and live their life forever as parasites within my life.

I would prefer my family being sent back to where they are comfortable, and reasonably happy. I know what I could do for the family and what I will not do for the family.

Some men have been searching for my weakness, hoping to use my weakness as a leverage to control me. Better not use love, sex, and all sorts of other things to control me.

You cannot imagine how far people are willing to push and to manipulate in order to get what they want.

I believe I was followed when I went on my trip to Johns Hopkins.

Even if I had Norton Firewall, Norton Antivirus, Norton Confidential installed on my computer, I still know somebody has managed to download my files when I write my article, when I compose my email messages, when I was working on my Powerpoint file.

The internet connection has not given me the choice to make password protection.

In two days, I had two unwanted web buttons installed on my computer, remotely via the internet. I believe that person might have got hold of my Powerpoint file. My operating systems have been changed. Some functions become unavailable. And there are some formatting that no matter how I change them, the changes in the file cannot be saved.

Somebody knows Sudo computer language. He is changing my system files fundamentally. Before this, I had suffered from a hell-raising Trojan horse virus that has enabled the attacker to take control of my computer.

I have never done anything remotely illegal with my computer. All I have done is to write my dissertation, prepare my teaching files, prepare my job application files, and writing and editing my journal articles.

Someone sent over Trojan horse viruses because they are jealous over my intellectual products, over where I am going in my career.

“I’d better steal it if I can, and if I can’t, I’d better trigger the files to self destruct themselves,” they think.

Such glorious thinking from Phd men and women.

This is life!


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