Moving Heavy Boxes

It is generally a good idea not to attempt what is beyond your abilities. I am referring to moving heavy boxes. A 25-pound box might be ok for me to move, being a woman of small stature according to American standards.

Last time, the moving was too pressured. In fact, the last two moves were both pressured. And I did not feel it right to ask help from the same friend who is at all a strong muscled fellow in American standards. At one point, you became so tired that you did not even want to eat anything. But you had to eat because you needed that strength to move boxes.

The third time, I just moved boxes myself, moving them downstairs into the car, and out of the car upstairs. Two girls helped me with a few boxes. But everybody was moving. They were also tired, if not extremely.

What choice did you have but to move the boxes, 25 pounds, 35 pounds, maybe even 40 pounds yourself? There was also the danger of rain. The rain would ruin all the boxes.

My muscles were so overworked that I ached for an entire week. For three days my legs would not bend.

For this reason, I curse anyone that has made so much difficulties in my life. The one who has stolen or attempted to steal my identity, she deserves to live in the hell she has made for herself. The ones who have stolen or attempted to steal my intellectual work, they should better regurgitate what they have stolen from me and forever watch their back. I know who did and reported to relevant authorities. Even if some cases are not pursued, due to various protection they sought using this or that method, at least it has been made known.

Some evil people do something flagrantly because they do not think other people know. So they step up their efforts, such as stealing money from other’s bank account, stealing other’s dissertation files, stealing pretty much everything they could think of.

There is an old saying: better not do something if you do not want others to know.

Once a thing is done, it is bound to be known.

So they’d better not place their hope on stealing my identity and my dissertation and my job.


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