A sacred spirt is coming

A sacred spirt is coming to help me.

I have been having an epic fight against a huge snake.

I do not know whether the snake is male or female. Most probably it is a female.

Such an epic fight over four years. That snake has stopped at nothing in order to trample me down and steal everything that is mine.

The fight between good and evil never stops. So I am determined to vanquish the snake. But the snake launched her attack first, in 2006. I saw bullets fired at the back of my head.

But I am taking the snake down. I firmly believe that.

The snake and its helpers think they have got everything from me. For so many times, the snake has danced gleefully over what she thinks is my grave.

The last moment has not arrived yet.

Better not laugh so early. Better not dance so early.

Since a sacred spirit is coming, shall I tell my physical address? I have been forced to go to three addresses in less than half a year, because the snake has decided to take my identity or have a bitch to have my identity and drive me away. You know the practice that they steal everything from you without doing anything of their own.

They are just a bunch of mere thieves. The only difference between them and a pickpocket is you can probably see the pickpocket. But you probably cannot see these technological pickpockets that easily. You need some special power in order to tell them apart, from the perfect images or masks they wear. It is extremely difficult, if not at all impossible, to tell them apart.

To prove this point to a skeptical reader, I have reported to the police, for four years, that Peirui Su has been stealing my identity, even taking my papers and diplomas to possibly go through the immigrations process. She has been wearing my clothes for four years, wearing my glasses, wearing my shoes, all for four years, stealing and using my wireless phone, all for four years, with the sole purpose to steal everything that is mine.

The reason? She has nothing valuable of her own. She thinks everything I have deserves envy, so better take them for herself. All she needs to do is to look out for ways to steal, for instance using a PDA to view and get my files from my computer. She does not need to do the research. She does not need to do the writing over 30, 40, even 50 drafts. (I have become so scared of having my stuff stolen, so I save constantly. If one file got corrupted, maybe another file can still be used.)

To write something really really good, is really really difficult. It is not enough you have got some brilliant ideas, though that is a prerequisite. To put that idea onto the paper, logically and beautifully, takes a lifetime of experience and unswerving dedication.

Respectable academic journals are extremely demanding. To publish a 20-page paper, around 7,000-8,000 words, I remembered the mere editing took me around 70 hours, four days straight, without any stop, except perhaps falling over the papers in sleep. I did not change the ideas that much, mind you. It was just mere editing, taking out things that was not absolutely necessary to make the point.

Often I would reach a stage where I had to delete one word by one word.

If a journal says we only want 7,500 words, including footnotes and works cited list, I would not give them 7,501 word. Where do you put that one extra word?

If a journal says we want only 10,000 words, you have to keep it within 10,000 words. I am not a big shot where journal editors would solicit articles from me, and perhaps allow some extra freedom in terms of word count. I edited my file down to within the 10,000 word count limit.

As a result, many people become extremely jealous. Probably they think I should not have written such articles, because they automatically assume my English ability is very limited since it is not my first language. Besides I do not strike them as they would fancy. I send my article to very good journals. Later I realized that even some professors, who have been in their job for quite some time, probably do not dare to send articles to those journals.

I believe the idea is very good, even brilliant. I have put all the writing and editing skills I have accumulated over twenty years into the article. Often I have crafted the language. Why should not I send my baby to a very good respectable journal? If I am married and have a daughter, of course I am going to marry her to a very respectable family with a very good name so that she will be well treated. It does not make sense for me to send her to a family that I know is going to mistreat her. Sending out articles is just like marrying off a daughter. I take it very seriously. I certainly am not sending my baby to a man who abuses women.

But many greedy men and women covet my baby. I have to do everything I can to protect my articles. They want to steal everything you know.

I believe they have already carved up my dissertation. I have reported this to authorities which I think might have law enforcement power. But I do not know of their exact sphere of power. So it is often a miss. I just hope they could direct the case to authorities that they believe are directly responsible for such things.

I cannot see my entire life stolen away from me. Neither can I see all the intellectual work I have done for eight years disappear in one second. I believe they purposely set up a virus or even changed the programming on my computer, so that everything is set up to wipe out on a certain date.

You know, everything, including the operating system of my computer, wiped themselves out on August 16, 2010. I knew what happened on that day.

But a sacred spirit is coming. They do not know how far my voice can reach. They are not burying me alive, as they think they are. Neither they are succeeding in letting me slip through the crack while they take everything away from me.

That is not gonna to happen.

I know someone is always attempting to steal everything that is mine. They have elaborate teamwork, extremely well planned, and well executed. But I can always feel their desire, most of the times, even before they go and implement their desires.

This helps me a lot. But the fight is long and arduous.

You have to believe you can win in order to win. You have to believe good must conquer evil. One step not in place means one step not in place, and that may cause irreparable damage. In this kind of things, it is better to overdo something than to under-do something. And it is better to be extremely cautious.

I did not tell my parents that I got into my Master’s program until I had the notice in my hand. Many of my classmates believed you could tell your parents once you had been told you passed the interview.

Even my best friend thought I was excessively cautious in that.

After knowing the many things I have been gone through in recent years, perhaps she might change her opinion and say be bold and consistent in your fight but be extremely cautious when assessing the situation.

I have been too busy lately to catch up with her.

It is a fight of a century, metaphorically speaking. My dissertation covers 100 years.


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