You can fool others; probably not yourself

Should this sentence be considered really smart?

What did the great president say?

You can fool some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all  the time.

He was talking from his great position, as the president. He was talking to great men and women, leaders of a country, of a nation.

What do average citizens do, those of us who do not have to concern ourselves with leading others? I, as an individual, would be quite happy if I know how to lead myself first. It is my simple belief that if one cannot lead oneself well, how can one have the luxury  to declare one can lead others, and can lead well, too?

I have been teaching for a few years, seven years to be exact, till recently. I think I can look within myself and say, without blushing, that I haven’t led my students to inappropriate or wrong directions.

There is a saying back when I was small. It says: Teachers are engineers of the human soul.

Now that I am 36, approaching 37 real and fast. I shudder at what this simple, short sentence means.

I have seen with my own eyes, real human eyes and my intuitive sense, what students might encounter along their education.

Some teachers have rotten souls. I cannot bear to think till today lots of students are still suffering under them. Many still will.

Some teachers have good souls. But they might have slipped when they come into contact with dead souls. Their soul might have been contaminated. Let’s hope that some day they will realize they are not “keeping good company.”

Some really good souls know how to look at things and how to treat human beings, often without realizing the correct way themselves. They just happen to know.

Some have seeded souls, but they are still in the process of acquiring their direction. They have to go through a process, a rite of passage to know what love is, how to love, and how to do things in ways different from what they know in the past.

Some human beings do not have human souls. In fact, if you are spiritually gifted, you can see their spirit are animals. Their spirits do not progress to human beings. And they act like those animals. If you can see, you know they are dogs, pigs, cats, snakes, bears, alligators, crows, sometimes eagles, horses, or lions.

You can see them in their animal forms. You can also see them in their human forms.

This may be the difference between form and spirit.

Somebody’s spirit can be killed. That is perhaps the scariest thing one can experience.

If somebody’s human form is harmed, you can see the body lying there. Right now I am doing without a TV, so I do not have to be assaulted by the eternal crime scenes on TV.

But if somebody’s spirit is killed, for reasons I do not know and dare not to ask or explore, you cannot see it with your human eyes.

You see a dead flower falling, if a flower represents a woman. You see a body on the ground, if the body belongs to a woman. You see somebody’s spirit is sucked up, becoming dry, if they have ventured into a forbidden realm and got punished. You see somebody drooped their head, if for some reason they are not as docile as desired. You see a tree being uprooted, if a live tree represents somebody’s life. You see a fish being ripped open, if it refers to some events, or some activities someone have done. You see things change their forms, if it is inanimate. If you see a book having its pages ripped away, it means some of its content have been taken away, or taken out. You see secret service men following a man or a woman.

You see wide halls decorated with jade and gold. You see a big, white hall. You see someone opening the door. You see someone closing the door.

You see lots of things without using your human eyes.

You see love. You see revenge. You see tears. Hope you will also see smiles. Without using your human eyes.


I do not know where he has gone. I am worried about safety. I wish he is outside the window.

One can fool others, but one probably cannot fool oneself. So, shuffle over.

Shuffle over.

What is wrong with insisting on the right thing?

I don’t know what the future holds.


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