My Dream–I Should Have a Very Good Life


I am a very gentle person. I always give whatever the authorities ask of me, in terms of work or documentation, be them American authorities or Chinese authorities. I am also a very capable person.

There is one small note: a gentle person is perhaps not the easiest to lead, especially if the direction is not particularly right.

I had a strange dream. So I am noting it down.

I see a clear spring in my dream. The spring is clear so it should be suitable to drink. It might be the spring of life. I think so.

There are a few men around the spring. The spring is rather wide, resembling a wide well.

I know two of them. The others I do not recognize them.

Two of them are dipping their feet into the spring. I think they are somehow defiling it. The water should be suitable for drinking, not for washing men’s foul feet.

One of them is my younger brother. He does not figure that importantly in my life. The other one is a man I know. I am growing to dislike that man very much. For in real life, his surface is his surface; his interior is his interior; and his surface differs so much from his interior that the distance might be as far apart as heaven and earth, metaphorically speaking.

There are a few fishes swimming in the clear well. Most of them are quite small. A few seconds later, a really big fat fish swims over.

One of the men on another side of the well catches the big fish and rips it into two parts, and the five or six men begin to devour it. I can even see the bones of the fish and the fish’s lungs. The men are gorging on the fish, saying it is really good.

The man I know is eating it so fast that some fish meat falls onto his collar.

I appear onto the scene, but the five or six men have already divided up the fish.

“I have to eat!” I shout at one of the men who are gorging and swallowing.

“Don’t ask me. Ask him,” he indicates to the man I know.

“There is some leftover,” the man I know indicates. He does not even stop his swallowing. I believe I have grabbed his collar.


I know what my dream means. But I’d better not interpreting it for the chance reader now. I am putting it down first. I have a mythical way interpreting the happenings in my life.


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