Rainbow, Eyes of Truth, Peirui Su Stealing Xianfeng Mou’s Identity and Opportunities

Speaking of rainbow, I saw quite a few.

Upon gradation on May 2009, I indeed saw a rainbow, near the University’s musical fountain. It was kind of small, barely visible. But it was a rainbow. That was undeniable.

But the rainbow was too small.

If I want to be mythical, which sometimes I do appear to be so, I saw a very large rainbow the other day. It was a very big one, the kind that looked like spanning very distant places.

It lasted for about five minutes. A cell phone could not even capture the rainbow before it disappeared.

It was kind of strange, because it did not look like it was raining here or over there. We know we often see a rainbow after a fresh rain or near waterfalls. But that rainbow was just there.

Maybe something good is coming. Better be prepared.

Now allow me to see a few words on the eyes of truth.

Which truth shall talk about? The fact that I think some man should marry me, for I have always believed he belongs to me. But of course everybody has been laughing that idea away.

Or shall I talk about the other truth? I have known that some Chinese female classmate has been stealing my identity for years. I reported everywhere I could think of or places that I have had contact with. In four years, no one believes me. That is simply impossible. That might be their thinking.

I speak with 100% certainty. I know the woman’s name is Peirui Su. She was a classmate. She says she has nothing, therefore it is better to pretend she has everything by stealing and taking on my identity. She has got hold of my records in the United States and my pre-United States records. I came from China. She also came from China.

She has planned and executed her plan of stealing my identity for four complete years, from Summer 2006 to Summer 2010.

She has taken both her set of records and my set of records and is determined to become me officially in the United States. As a result, I would become non-existent. I would slip through the crack. Everybody is saying I should go back to China.

How could I take a life of impeccable records, one that I have build over 30 years, and hand it over to her that easily? If this happens to anybody, I bet they would not agree.

The eyes of truth are there.

I almost sent her to prison last year because she had stolen 15,000 dollars from my bank account. I almost succeeded.

But some rich people decided to be “generous” and let her go without punishment.

Faking my identity to steal my cash deposits is not an individual act. It was part of her scheme to steal my identity.

She stole my tax records, which had my social security number on it. She stole my credit card and phone bills. So she has had free access to my credit card and my phone. Since she has been living like a parasite there, I could not use my phone properly, and I did not even get the bills on time. At last, I was so fed up with the phone, I closed it. She naturally has taken over my phone.

She has also taken over my credit card, my credit history. She has also lifted my new credit card. I reported it to the police. The police could never do anything, no matter how many reports I filed.

Of course, she also got free access to my computer account, for she stolen my password. With that, and the new thumb drive, she has free access to all my official documents and my academic and professional files.

In Spring 2010, she got hold of my Master’s degree and diploma, my Bachelor’s degree and diploma, and my health records in 2001 and 2010, then she is on her way to become me. She is becoming Xianfeng Mou officially on records in the United States. I, the real Xianfeng Mou, do not exist.

I am furious.

I am not letting that happen that easily.

I have contacted everywhere I could think of. So far, still no results.

Let me talk about another truth.

This truth is about my life. I have always been able to rise up against an adverse environment if I find myself in it.

It is better not to sink with the environment.

I have done that three times before.

It would be better if I do it again.

I do not like to sink with the environment.

I can see things that many people could not see.


Peirui Su’s theft of Xianfeng Mou’s identity, immigration status, dissertation, academic articles,

and money from Mou’s bank account:

1. Spring 2010. Peirui Su has completed her theft of my identity, including my Master’s and

Bachelor’s degrees and diplomas, my physical examination records for international travelers of

2001, and job application files, and has sought employment opportunities either at the University

of California, Los Angeles (Mellon fellowship program), or at Johns Hopkins University. My loss

in dollar amount: 50,000 dollars per year.

Please contact the two universities:

UCLA: Professor Shu-mei Shih, 310-794-8944.

Johns Hopkins University: Professor Hent de Vries, (phone) 410-516-0474; (fax) 410-516-4897;

email: hentdevries@jhu.edu.

2. Spring 2010. Peirui Su has completed her theft of my identity and am using my (Xianfeng

Mou’s) credentials and records to go through the immigration processing procedures to officially

become Xianfeng Mou, possibly assuming American citizenship on account of my outstanding

dissertation, with possible documentation help from her major professor. My loss in dollar

amount: Incalculable.

Please contact the immigration services and alert them with Xianfeng Mou’s picture and Peirui

Su’s picture immediately.

Nebraska Service Center, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, P.O. Box 82521, Lincoln

NE 68501-2521. 1-800-375-5283.

3. Spring 2009 to Spring 2010. Peirui Su has possibly collaborated with a young Chinese faculty and (with or

without her major professor’s knowledge I am not sure), to have pirated, stolen, and published

my dissertation, most probably with Rutgers University Press.  My loss in dollar amount: Hundreds of

thousands of dollars.

I did not authorize the piracy. I did not see the book in any format after I finished the manuscript

on May 6, 2009. Please investigate Rutgers University Press.

4. Spring 2010. Peirui Su has stolen my article on Wang Anyi’s aesthetics, titled “Distancing and

Bridging: Wang Anyi’s Aesthetic Philosophy and Narrative Key in /Song of Everlasting Sorrow.”

I submitted the article to /positions/ on May 7, 2010. My manuscript ID is POS-D-10-00010. She

has stolen a copy of the article and might have submitted it either to /positions/ or /boundary 2/.

The article is 35 pages, totaling 10,000 words.

Contact Meagan Williams at /positions/ at (phone) 713-348-5984; (fax)713-348-2075;

positions@rice.edu and Magaret Havran at /boundary 2/ at (phone) 412-624-6523; (fax) 412-624-

6639; havran@pitt.edu.

5. June 2010. Peirui Su has stolen my Eudora Welty chapter and made out an article. On the

strength of her theft of my Wang Anyi article and my Eudora Welty chapter, she is most probably

seeking employment with the Humanities Center, Johns Hopkins University.

6. 2006-2009: Peirui Su has faked my identity and repeatedly used unsigned visa cards to

withdraw money from my bank account. My loss in dollar amount: about 15,000 dollars.

Please see the police report and my bank account jpg files.

7. 2006-2010: Peirui Su has contrived and stolen my password to my university computer

account, and has been freely deleting, copying, stealing all kinds of files, from 2006 to 2010. My

loss in dollar amount: About 500,000 dollars.

I have repeatedly filed police reports with the Purdue Police. Please request from Purdue police

these report numbers: 09-493, 09-651, 09-253, 10-844. Oral reports and phone reports are not yet

included. Purdue police: 765-494-8221. (Fax): 765-494-0470.

8. 2008-2009: Peirui Su has faked my identity and asked university employees to overcharge my

university rent account. Loss in dollar amount: Above 2,350.00 dollars.

9. 2006-2009. Peirui Su had used my identity to hack into my American Express credit card

account and my online turbotax account. She wrecked my credit history and my tax records, and I

had to calculate manually and re-file my tax. Loss in dollar amount: unknown.

As a result, I received letters from the IRS and Indiana Department of Revenue for my 2008 tax

returns. I sent my ID theft affidavit there in June 2010.

10. 2007-May 2010. Peirui Su has hijacked my wireless phone service with AT&T. My phone

bill is 47.00 dollars per month. Loss in dollar amount: 1,500.00 dollars. Indirect loss of job

opportunities: Unknown. I believe she has now usurped the line entirely.

11. 2006-2010. Peirui Su has directly went into my apartment and stole my tangible property,

such as that pair of black, light eyeglasses (valued at 300.00 dollars), and other daily necessities.

My loss in dollar amount: the police say it is about 2,000.00 dollars. See the police report.

12. 2007-2010. Peirui Su has repeatedly gone into my place and wore my clothes of all seasons.

What is especially intolerable is from 2009 to 2010, she has already had the Bilsland Dissertation

Fellowship. In fact, she has always made more than I have. My loss in dollar amount and social

reputation: Unknown.

13. 2007-2010. Peirui Su has also repeatedly used various poisons onto my clothes, shoes, and

even food. The poisonous agents include poison ivy, wasps, other poisonous insects, and even

chemical agents. For a time, I was so terrified and had to disinfect my shoes and wash my clothes


14. The main reason for Peirui Su’s criminal and/or civil acts is to damage my reputation,

credibility, and my character to pave the road for her theft of my identity and opportunities. In

everyday life, she fakes to be me to act badly, for she thought I would act in her despicable ways.

She has even framed me up politically by twisting my academic writings. When before certain

persons of power, she goes back to her seemingly docile and unassuming manner. She may have

frequently gone on domestic trips within the United States and international trips, using my

identity. My loss of personal and social capital: Incalculable.

I have asked Purdue police to search for any records that Peirui Su has brushed against the law

but chose to give my information to the police instead. The detective has assured me everything is

fine with my records. Everything is not fine.


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