MM, Something Is Delicious

Finally some free time. Free time is delicious.

I am enjoying it quite a bit. I do not get to have much free time.

Something is rare, so it becomes delicious. Right?

I want to go buy some stuff. Trouble is I do not have that nice and secure a place.

What is the most important thing to a girl, one who loves both brain and beauty? Ah—, do not quarrel with me.

I think my Doctoral, Master’s, and Bachelor’s degrees and diplomas are very important. I know I would not trade them for anything else. However, other stuff in life is also important. Though people are used to think only men are career-minded, I both agree and disagree with this understanding. As a result, I both love and hate it.

Why? I am furious that I have been forced to wait. But at the same time, I hate to have my study, (mind you this is not career), interrupted irrevocably.

Someone might argue heatedly with me. It is ok for you to pursue your career, but not ok for others. It is ok for you to pursue what you want, but not ok for others. You and I want different things.

If that is really the case, I have always been giving freedom, haven’t I?

I pursue what I want. You pursue what you want. Make two parallel lines. Is this good?

I had thought they were not parallel lines. But enough said.

My main worry is it is terribly, terribly wrong to become discontented. I know I have made this point quite a few times.

Maybe I can’t live with a discontented woman, or a discontented man, for that matter. It is terribly, terribly wrong to become a discontented woman yourself, if you are a woman.

I wonder whether all my life I have been running away from that shadow. I keep on going, to a few places. But once I become discontented, I take to my heels and strike out.

This brings me to the question of the day. I think it is a good thing a woman knows how to take care of herself. For one thing, which man likes to stay with a woman sticking to him and depending on him for each and everything? I cannot answer the question. Maybe some men do. But I do not like to be always depended on. Even in classes, I set my students on tracks and tell them please manage themselves.

Deep down, I do not think I like to control others, be it a man, a woman, or a child, or a class of students. I prefer everybody to manage themselves.

Hence, I think it is time I pamper myself a little bit. I want to buy some nice things, just for myself. I will just place them with my diplomas. They were hidden away, mind you.

Maybe during the weekend I shall go take a look at the rings, or something just for me.

Yesterday a grad student in the department passed me. She was wearing light perfume. You smell really nice. Thank you.

Every woman loves to live elegantly and decently.

However, perfumes sometimes are banned on professional occasions. People say some might be allergic to it, so that is quite dangerous.

I think light perfume, fresh and lovely, is good.

Someone once indicated dislike towards perfume. So boorish. Now I think.

I do what I do. If I want to wear perfume, I wear perfume. If I want to wear light make-up, I wear light make-up. What right do they have to express displeasure or even disapproval?

As a result, I particularly hate it when I see my dresses and suits either destroyed or rendered out of service. I think that is the last straw.

For some of the dresses, I often scanned two or three big shopping centers before deciding on the one I really like. Wallet is a concern, but styles are another big concern. There are certain styles I will never look at, no matter how expensive they might appear. If they do not agree with me, I shun them.

Shoot a good job, with a good salary, to live elegantly.

But you do not want to do inelegant things in order to live elegantly. Many women tend to confuse them with each other, or they tend to separate these two.

There are things that are just slightly more important than dresses, including metaphorical dresses.

Those that know, know the difference. Those that do not, will never know.


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