Who is the Naked Child?

I knew I have gone through a tremendous amount of pressures in recent years. At one time I remembered I had six major sources of pressure on me.

The Chinese here squeezed me to death due to their jealousy. One has been stealing my identity and doing everything she can to destroy what I have and to increase what she has.

The leader is still painting me with dark colors, as much as possible.

The Americans initially have been very helpful. But after a certain point, a sense of anxiety seeped in. So a radical change of attitude set in.

The divorced ex basically belonged to the jealous Chinese group. Since he was quite good with computer, I believed I had encountered quite a heavy dose of computer hacking from him, or what forces he could mobilized against me. Many Chinese had taken great pleasures in taking what they could from stealing my identity, or at least chewing what stories they could imagine.

I do not appreciate associating with those.

However, there was one image that has been very troubling. It was the image of a child. The child was sort of monstrous. He was naked, and he was riding on my back. That image resembled the image of Simegel, the one naked and ugly image which the magic ring had reduced to. The legend of the Lord of the Rings says that ring will reduce anyone that desires unlimited power to that state.

I suspect that image is the man who wanted unlimited power, symbolized by his insatiable desire for power, for my dissertation. He manifested insatiable desire for power over women.

But I could not connect that image with the man I used to know. I picked up that ring and, thinking the man might know how to interpret it, sent it to him, since he was rather knowledgeable. That, turned out, to be his undoing. Power controlled him.

That naked, ugly child had since then ridden on my back, especially after he got together with pure evil, which was manifested in the Chinese.

I cannot associate the man with the ugly child.

I had loved the man. But I have hated the naked child. I believed I got rid of it and got it off my back. I cannot find jobs for all his mistresses and stayed here eternally.

I believed it was a vicious scheme of the one who implanted the ring in my place. It was also the mastermind that asked a Chinese couple to steal password to my computer account. So the mastermind might be Chinese. But the Chinese might be working for somebody else.

That child did not grow. Anything it wanted must be satisfied immediately. It is unbearable.

I believe now it is high time I get away. So many opportunities have been taken away by the child in the man. I refuse him to ride on my back again.

Where is the eagle? It the huge snake that I have been fighting against. I had thought the snake might refer to a Chinese.

Anyway I had deep wounds on my heels. The man also had wounds.

So the naked, ugly child might be somebody else. I had thought I had got rid of him. That child is not riding on my back again. Just like the other day an adult man has taunted a twenty -year old as a baby holding onto its mother’s nipple, that child on my back symbolizes just that. No one can cope with that.

I should go to another place. The signals all point at the direction. I am not taking that child on my back. He’d better find some other mother.

No mother likes a monstrous child. That child is a small boy.

Frankly I do not understand the image, not knowing whether the boy indicates someone I already know, or someone that is going to come.

Before this I had seen the image of a little girl. I did not know how in the world of fantasy, the little girl has disappeared and is replaced by the boy.

No matter what, I do not like the vicious woman.

A few days ago, I see her riding on someone’s back. She was naked of course. I believe it is a man. The man slapped her. She has been a liar through and through.

I still need to pick up something. For three times, every time I am picking it up, the vicious woman came and knocked it off of my hands.  I disliked the man intently who swallowed every bit of her lying as if it was honey to his ears.

I have to go it alone.

I do not understand why others cannot see what it is. That woman is pure evil. So is her mastermind. The other day I saw the mastermind sewing black shoes for me. Those shoes do not indicate good intention. I bit them off.

They have been trapping me and slandering me for four years now. There are also so many small snakes entangling my feet, preventing me from getting free. I took up stones and hacked the snakes into halves.

I have been battling too much, the bad and for a long time, even the good who misunderstood and wronged me.

Snakes are liars. In Chinese folklore, snakes are called 小人. It refers to those mean-spirited persons whose only pleasure in life is to make other people’s life miserable. Others’ happiness is poison to those mean and deprived human beings.


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