Purpose of My Latest Police Report

My main purpose is to take down the trigger person and my identity theft suspect, Peirui Su.

She cannot take my identity simply because she wants it.

She not only pulled the trigger on the back of my head, she also pulled the trigger on somebody else. But the man thinks she loves him. That part is not my concern.

She spreads hatred wherever she goes, including racial hatred, anti-Semitism, and even gender hatred. I think she gains a tremendous sense of power and pleasure whenever she gets a man. It is reputed that she is “hugely successful and capable” in that respect.

It has to be respected.

People pursue what they want. But which organization she belongs to is beyond my concern. I do not know and I do not have the intention of finding it out.

My principle is you do not harm me; I do not harm you. You really help me; I really help you.

I say “really” because many have pretended to help me, but actually did great damage to me, especially many Chinese. But those in contact included more than the Chinese.

I do not want my identity be stolen. Therefore, I am doing everything I can to fight against theft of my identity. I must take it back.

Now regarding the one man esconced at the center of this brawl.

I do not want to provide amusement if someone wants to sit aside and watch two fighting against each other over no serious reasons.

I have good reasons for carrying out my battle.

She does not have the right to frame me up. She does not have the right to slander my reputation when she herself goes out to do unmentionable stuff. She tries her best to steal money from my bank account. I did not even want to go near her place. She has contrived with others to steal 200 pages of my dissertation. She has contrived with others to wreck my teaching records at FLL and intended to work me to death slyly. She has worn practically all my clothes. She has contrived to steal my job and my academic publications.

Why should I allow her to succeed? I have no intention to allow her to succeed.

The man cannot simply say let them fight out with each other. They are just fighting among themselves. We Americans have nothing to do with it.

The man cannot say they both love me; no matter what they both do, no prosecution will be pressed. He has wrongfully persecuted me for three years. And the wrong has to be righted.

His acquiescing to her evil acts has encouraged her greatly during the years. When she faked my identity and stole my debit card password to withdrew money from my account with Purdue’s credit union, at first she withdrew fifty dollars. But since she or those who helped her blocked me from accessing my account, she became more and more emboldened and when I discovered her acts in April 2009, she was withdrawing money like crazy from my account. At one time, the amount of her withdrawal amounted to 1,400 dollars.

I did not earn my Purdue Research Fund grant for her to spend. So I am not letting it pass. Every dollar I have earned, I have earned with my blood, my brains, my sweat, my sacrifice, and my passion for what I do. I must force her to spit out what she has stolen from me and swallowed down in multiple folds.

The man does not have the legitimacy to rule in this case. So, I present it to other authorities. He should avoid the case. He cannot claim a disinterested stance in this matter. So he must step aside for others to examine the evidence and police reports I have gathered against that woman.

What he can say with a certain degree of legitimacy is her academic merits or extreme lack thereof.

If he wants to sugercoat her for a job that is intended for me, he has too hard a job to do that convincingly.

My thinking is easy to understand. Suppose he has spent six years working on a very good book intended to qualify himself for his tenure evaluation. But one of his colleagues, jealous over the book and facing the danger of failing the tenure evaluation decides to steal the man’s book and publish the chapters as his own research results, I think the man would become so furious he would do everything to chop that thief into pieces.

What he needs to do is just apply his situation to me. That is not difficult to do. This connection is easy to achieve.

As to the University, I do not harm the University in any sense. I have done everything I could to add glory to its fame and position, both in my own study, my research, and my teaching over eight years.

The university property should be safe, both my offices and my living space. I had my food poisoned. Somebody put some alien stuff in a jar of sauce and I had serious diarrhea. I stopped taking the sauce and the diarrehea stopped. I had my clothes tainted with poison ivy. It gave me such serious rash and nerve pain that my neck hurt even when I slightly turned it. I complained to my students once, I remembered. The nerve pain did not subside, after I tried two kinds of Histamine blocking creams, after two weeks. Benadryal was one I used. My shoes often have itchy agents spread in or over them. It seems somebody is carrying out a mini-biological warfare against me. When I wear my shoes, the tainted shoes gave me such a terrible itch that it seemed unbearable. I had no choice but to rub my feet with germ-killing hand sanitizer gel. My hand sanitizer is mainly used on my feet.

But the most serious complaint I have about the University is regarding my computer account. I have been told that anything you do or save on University computers do not have privacy protection. Technically, since it is on public computers, then it is not personal privacy. Some experts on TV say your employer has the right to read all the email traffic in your work email account. So, privacy aside, one at least should have a sense of safety with one’s computer account. And that is what I haven’t had in four years. No computer safety. I have visited Computer experts so frequently that I suspect I have become a familiar name and a familiar face. I do not know why someone shows so much interest in my account.

I want safety in my offices and my living space. I work hard and I teach hard. Appropriate recognition and solid rewards can keep me going. I am a human being, not a mere working machine. As it is, I do not go to bed happy, neither do I wake up happy. I want another place, where I can get better accommodation, better terms, and better treatment. My credentials should be able to qualify me. It is wrong to take me as a dummy who does not know anything and who will simply slave on the job.


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