Women Can’t Be Too Tired

I have always said I do not particularly like the current place.

The reason is very simple. A woman cannot work 16 hours per day for four, or five years straight.

In just four years, I had the first burnout. Then luckily I had a research grant, thinking it was time to breathe a little bit easier.

But then some whore came into my life, stole my password to my computer account, and started to take money from my bank account, stole my academic files from computer account, and rice from my rice bag, and even my professional clothes to attend social activities.

Actually at least three of the women stole my academic, teaching, and job application files from my computer account.

And the saddest thing is they have back-ups from powerful connections. Of course those are men. You know what certain women can do.

I do not know I want them to succeed in their acts of stealing.

Then someone wanted the dissertation to be really good. I knew I wanted it to be good. I always do my best. Whatever I do, I ensure the quality is really good, within my capabilities.

Three years after, the dissertation was finished. It was 450 years, over many drafts of course. After that, I never wanted to write any books again.

I resented the man, the men who demanded me to write again and again. I hated the women who stole from my dissertation.

I told many professors and university officials that many have been stealing from my dissertation. There are one in particular that I am determined to catch. She is not going to succeed.

I cannot allow that to succeed.

I have to defend the crown on my head. Don’t you think so?


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