From Class Discussion

Some author mentions the Jerry Springer program. He cites as the worst manifestations in the culture that offends those in a conservative society.

These are the students’ understandings.

Some rich guys used dumb people for amusement and profit.

From the participants’ perspective, they are willingly used. The participants are actually scripted to act in a certain outrageous way.

If two sides involved in a conflict and sit down together and talk things out, there is no need for the Jerry Springer show. That means you are too smart for that kind of show.

It is like in ancient Rome where gladiators where thrown together into the arena, and they are supposed to take each other’s life while providing amusement for the audience during the process.

For the participants, who are usually rather not rich, they get free transportation to the city where the show is hosted. For instance, a show might be in Chicago, or it might in New York, or it might in Milan, or Paris. Free trips are always welcome.

Such free trips are despicable.

Another opinion is for the participants they can get 15 minutes of fame. It is not that much, but it is still some fame.

Has anybody caught the boy, who literally killed someone, and his reason, when questioned by the police, was he wanted to see himself on TV?

People feel they are not living. Life sucks. Didn’t Oswald supposedly assassinated a president to get some fame and sometime in the limelight? He did not bask long in his glory, for some other man immediately killed Oswald even when he was in the police’s custody.

There is something wrong. The rush for fame is killing many. Without fame, many feel they do not exist. They do not count.

Envy leads to hatred against another’s prosperity. I guess that was the reason why I had my misfortune four years ago. Some saw I was doing too well, so I had to be punished for doing too well. I had to be hated for my prosperity. My prosperity made the shadowy figures lose their sleep. They think of any possible way to take from my prosperity.

Now I know the main source of my difficulties.

For one thing, my classmates have sufficient reasons and enough envy to wish me ill will and do actual harm.

They pretended to be my friend, approached, and got the benefits they all wanted from power figures. Maybe power figures figured anyone who claimed to be my friend deserved some good treatment.

After they got their benefits, they step up their efforts. They tried their best to trap me, paint me in as bad colors as possible. Someone even went to the extreme of stealing my clothes and let women of ill-reputation wear them, so as to impersonate me to indirectly bring me down, to pull my name through the mud, metaphorically speaking.

I can see through why somebody hates me so much, but I do not understand it. I never envy somebody else’s prosperity, provided they do not rob me to make themselves prosperous.

For instance, what if some higher authority, some rich but perverse men and women, like to provoke men and women to fight for their amusement?

I do not want to provide amusement for anybody, even if the other provoked party is intent on carrying on the play.

I despise that manipulation. Nobody, as far as I can, has the right to do that, without me feeling it out.

Some stupid persons are still actively engaged in carrying on that drama, even if I have completely shun their existence. Somebody is still comparing each and every item, tangible or intangible, against mine. The more they look, the less they find they have; the angrier they become.

A fine cycle to be in.

I do not want to be manipulated by any one. I know what I want, what I like, what I do not want, and what I dislike. I know where my heart is. I know where my brain is. I know to place each in their proper place.

Like Wang Anyi, I think I am at the center of the world. So many things pass before my eyes, as if in a thousand years.

You still haven’t awoken yet?

Or have you?


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