One Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words–Xianfeng Mou’s Video on Youtube

I uploaded four videos on YouTube.

Three of them about my dissertation; one of them, however, shows some other women having stolen and worn my woolen suits.

I am already disgusted with their theft of my academic files and my dissertation chapters. Now I become more disgusted with them wearing my suits and completely stealing and possessing my identity.

All the academic work and social work, I have accomplished that. What right do they have to go and steal, and usurping my lustrous identity? Isn’t that extremely disgusting? To think that your best woolen suit, your dresses, your shoes, your sweaters have been worn by somebody else? Isn’t that disgusting?

Once we encountered an Introductory English composition paper where the writer refers to himself, using his full name. The paper was written in the third person narrative, although it was supposed to be an autobiographical piece.

At that time I felt uneasy about the student, feeling he has become so alienated from himself that he needs to address himself in the third person narrative. The distance. We, there were a few of us, kind of felt sad for him.

Now I wonder whether that impersonator, or whatever accomplices he or she may have, is trying to force me to become alienated from myself. At least become alienated from my possessions. My academic property and material property are my properties. I own them.

I think I have been bullied into becoming alienated from myself, to a certain degree. If not, why should I write “Xianfeng Mou hails from a quaint college town,” instead of “I am writing from a college town priding itself on its rich diverse tradition?”

Cultural diversity is a dance. It is eternally talked about. But the dance never takes to the floor. One person writes. It is a metaphor, of course.

Please do not ask me. I do not know of anything. My only concern is to finish the tasks on my hand and get out of here. Shouldn’t we visit many places when we are still young and able?


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