Something to Remember, Clearly

At the starting of a New Year, it is necessary for me to remember or to remind a few things.

It is not that I do not know what the situation was, is, and everything that goes with it. But I just took a look at my previous professor’s info. I was assigned to her. The time of our direct conversation, since she was extremely busy and she worked during Saturdays and Sundays, did not even exceed two hours. She of course read what I wrote down for the thesis.

I heard some American professors correct their students writing in their dissertation. There was one professor who religiously corrected every sentence his student changed or revised. My supervisor is an idea person, so he is mainly concerned with ideas or the direction my ideas are headed.

The workflow of my Master’s thesis went like this: topic agreed–outline agreed–first draft critiqued wholistically not sentence by sentence–final draft.

Therefore, both my family influence, my life story, and my professional experience all trained me to handle projects and life as independently as possible. Of course I do not have to be that foolish as to refuse help when help is duty bound or ethically bound.

It had never occurred to me to ask Her Excellency to open some back doors for me. I seldom had that wire in my brain.

Given the complex situations one from the Mainland faces on the American job market, the delicate check and balance and all, I think I can pretty guess who framed me up as a spy for the Chinese government, or who slandered me in unsavory rumors and what not. I have decided to put all of that behind me.

I will keep what was good from that, and discard all that is negative and damaging from that.

I found a job on myself, after my Master’s, quite unintentionally. I did not do any extra-academic things. It turned out a blessing in disguise. I liked the job and did very well. A change came when a change was needed, for I knew that job would not sustain me for the rest of my life.

I want to lay down every solid word here, at the beginning of a new year.

Now that lots of things, rumors, tricks, traps, snakebites, and computer manipulations have been cleared up are are being cleared up, I hope my New Year starts on two good feet.

I always stand on my own feet. Even if I suffered snake bits on my heels, and the snake even once chopped off my feet, I still need to stand on them.

A song sings: Every day promises fade away. I live each day as best as I can, trying to leave behind my solid footprints.

I take comfort that I can hold my head up while paying respects where respects are due.


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