Be Prepared; and the Weight of Truth

It is advisable to prepare more than one possible solution to a question.

One solution is not that reliable.

Two or three strategies shall have a better chance of success. More are more welcome.

A good day to take a walk outside. Things to take care of.

Nobody should get upset over the fact that I am not relying on only one possible solution to a thorny issue on my hands.


The weight of personal truth is I most probably will live as an exile to the culture I was born into.

The weight of intellectual truth is perhaps indeed the majority will not be able to handle the weight of truth. But that is not the excuse for the best and brightest to think for the masses. The best way is still let them make their own version of the truth. Just like during the fall 09 semester, I gave students the freedom to create their own lives and realities.

If I am not wrong, only one student comes close to getting the point, understanding what the instructor of this blanket course his Bachelor’s education thrusts onto him is driving at.

You make your own life. You make your own bread.

Be aware of anybody that comes in telling you they are thinking things through for you, that a pretty baby like you, or a handsome boy like you, does not need to worry about your life.

Although I know an answer or two, as a teacher I prefer to wait for the students to arrive at their own answers. I provide guidance along the way, if they want it.

My only request to my mentors is that they would allow me the freedom and opportunity to think matters through and find my way. If they are the source of light, I am able to see them. If some turn out to be a source of darkness, I am also able to see them, in their true colors.

I think I have the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual strength to handle that.

Who is calling whom the devil? I know whom has stolen job opportunities from me.

Who is imprisoning whose head and putting it underwater?

Who is stealing whose articles, and ideas?

Who is leading whose soul into damnation?

Who is leading whom along the road of sexual promiscuity?

Who does not have a face?

Who understands the divinity? Who understands love?

Who can see the spiritual decay? Who is spreading spiritual decay?

Who is caring for the baby? Who understands compassion?

Who is acting as the omnipresent? The omnipresent divinity? Or the omnipresent “dark lord?”


I do not align with cultural, or ethnic lines. I have a deeper truth to follow. As to my family, I am afraid they are not intellectually strong enough to handle any intimidation from any source of power. A fake policeman, or a fake letter from anybody is enough to scare them. As I have stated elsewhere, they would too easily manipulated and victimized. Whatever they say or act, if their words or actions seem to be against me, they probably should not be held accountable.

If they could stay true to their heart, it shall be enough.

I know who I am. I know some answers to many questions.

Who is concerned with manufacturing a superior race? Who is making the victims identify with their oppressors?

The ones who really know are not talking. Those who do not know keep boasting and babbling.


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