Professional and Personal Statements

Professional Statement:

Many in my immediate environment want to make me believe I am useless, or at least I am not as valuable as I think I am. There are so many subtle and not-so-subtle ways to make me feel that way.

Now I restate my belief in my professional competence. I firmly believe I am priceless as an academic asset to vied. If not purposely deterred, I might go to Princeton to work. Therefore, no one is going to make me feel in the way they desire, if they intend to “put me down” deliberately.

And I must find a place where I will be genuinely appreciated.

I also prefer my heart to stay in its proper place without being punctured or twisted. I also prefer my head to stay on my own shoulders. I’d like to have my own feet intact. That means I do not want anybody to chop my feet off. And I also prefer not to have my wings clipped off.

Personal Statement:

Unlike many women who believe, or are made to believe, that they are inherently inferior to men, I believe I am equally competent compared to any accomplished men in the field when they were or are at my stage. I do not have to feel inferior or superior to professional men or women in my fields. I have no doubt I belong to the best.

I also believe as a professional, sensible, and hot (oh, yeah) woman, I am entitled to personal happiness. I have supported what should be supported. But it is impossible to demand me to carry a man on my shoulders through his life. Therefore, I leave when departure becomes inevitable. With certain others, I have supported during their toughest period in life when as Chinua Archebe has said, “Things Fall Apart” in their lives. It is me who was holding them up.

But I have a right to my personal happiness. I will absolutely not sacrifice my happiness and live miserably so that somebody else, be it a man or a woman or many women, could live their lives comfortably sitting on my shoulders. I am throwing them all off my shoulders. And they have to pay for what they have stolen from me, either in academics, or in life.

Anyone who stands in my way to my rightful place will be vanquished. I have the upright on my side. No matter what nasty and underhanded thefts, trickeries, traps have been laid on my road, I have beaten them all and I will continue to beat them.

Just pray the fall should not be too hard if anyone has usurped the position from me.

I have taken my case to the IRS, the Proquest Research Library database, the Federal Credit Union Administration, the U.S. Copyright Office, the FBI. Who am I afraid of? I am not doing anything illegal or unethical. Those who have ulterior motives cannot find one speck in my life no matter how deep and wide they dig.

Why are anybody so intent on find specks in my life where there isn’t any? If they have specks in their life, it is ok if they do not go and publicize it to gain reputation at any cost.

I command a stellar reputation in my professional, social, and personal life.


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