There Is Genuine Generosity

Some small business, like a hair salon, is giving hair cuts for free.

A dry cleaner is cleaning your suit for free, if the customer is out of work and is preparing for interview.

I think these acts are genuine acts of generosity.

Not when someone demands you to provide certain service and in exchange they will provide you with something or some service. This latter is called exchange. And they differ fundamentally from the previous two cases.

Barter works in very fuzzy areas.

If a woman sleeps with a man who is not her boyfriend or her husband, that has a very bad name. Any goods or services incurred also change their nature.

This also differs fundamentally when a New York salon gives a 120 dollar haircut for free. It is free because the client does not need to do anything in return.

She does not need to have a broken heart. Certainly she does not need to sell her soul. She certainly does not need to sell her body, either.

So there are many different Americans. It so happens small business owners are much nicer. One never reads the fat bankers doing something nice. And their nice gestures sometimes, or often are packed with hidden strings. So they look nice and in actuality are nasty.

One should categorize Americans, and try to avoid those who are extremely smart but dishonest and cruel while befriend those who have good hearts.

My heart knows more than I think it knows, which is perhaps a good thing for me. If I had gone in, I might have lost more than I have given up now.

It is better not to go in for anything when there are no clear terms of conditions.


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