Useful Information (!)

After the 1989 incident, the Chinese government implemented a policy that every college student should receive military training.

Nobody never knows the real purposes. But it may be for self defense of the country. Or it may be for disciplining purposes. But for the most part, it might be designed for self-defense of the country.

The country is weak. So some day some other country might want to beat some sense if the country does not dance to their batons. There is always the possibility.

The students at Beida, the shortened name of Peking University, were trained for an entire year. So their undergrad degree cost five years, not four.

In the university, originally a college, I went, the military training lasted for a month.

It included convening at night in five minutes’ notice. You have to carry all your stuff with you, as if you were called to march to another place to throw yourself into battle.

There are other items of program that I forgot.

And of course it included shooting training. You practiced with a rifle. Pretty outdated nowadays when thinking back.

There was a test of course. I was doing pretty well when it came to shooting. The full score was 100. We each had five bullets. I averaged 8o something. Maybe 84. Pretty good for a girl of 17. From the entire grade one student in the Physical Training program landed a full score, 100, and he was honorably mentioned at the concluding meeting.

Theoretically speaking, each Chinese college student should immediately report to military duty if an all-out war breaks out. They are considered officers.

I guess the country uses this as a last resort for self-defense. No one wishes to see this happen.

I wonder whether  military training is still carried out these days. Perhaps not. The times have changed. Nowadays every college student should be encouraged to establish a business instead and make wealth.

It is not like in America the military is half-governmental, half-private. Your service is bought by the military or the country. A solider is a profession and he is hired in a sense. To my superficial knowledge.

South Korea has compulsory military service for the young men. So does Taiwan.

Not all American college kids receive military training. Americans prefer professionals, which means professional soldiers, too. Plus, America is keen on developing military technologies.

All I want to say is I am a pretty good shot. Therefore, think twice before somebody wants to mess up with me.


I once almost smashed some skunk’s head with a stone.

After that, any man who approaches me with evil intention will immediately get smashed. Once I perceive danger, I immediately go into self-defense mode.

After one year, that bad egg was killed in a traffic accident. My sister told me. I was away attending college.

Now if a guy loves me, he must present himself as non-threatening. Otherwise, if he is too aggressive or I perceive he is threatening my sense of security, he might get smashed. I have a personal safe zone about two to three feet around me, do not invade that space. That is sacred to me. And it is vital to my sense of security.

In comparison, some Americans might get the wrong sense of what women want. Generally speaking, many Americans prefer violence, or the culture values direct, blunt, physical force, as in American football. Big, well-trained guys smash into each other to deter or take down. Of course there are tactics. But generally that does not go very well with Chinese preference. At least I do not like it.

Later some personal security issues also happened. But I tell everyone I am “divinely protected.” So it is not a viable strategy to mess with me.

While here in America some thieves and hookers and robbers were giving me some really hard time, stealing my apartment keys and car keys, and academic files, or credit history or what not. I fought with all my might, intelligence, and spiritual knowledge. The message I want to convey is if they have normal and honorable intentions, deal with me fair and square. I deal back fair and square, even if it is a deal or contract, or even if it pertains some fuzzy areas like an agreement. It is called “fair play.”

But if anyone that do not have normal or honorable intentions, which means they harbor the intention or the desire to harm me, whether verbally or carried out in actions, chances are  I know it. I am very sensitive and can pick up others’ harmful intentions even though they do not even realize such intentions, that they are just thinking about it.

Some spiteful woman who has been doing a lot of damage to me due to her jealousy once thought to herself, or remarked to some other person that “I have an evil eye” due to my uncanny abilities. She was most unhappy that I exposed her stealing things, both tangible and intangible, that did not belong to her. It is not that “I have an evil eye” that can see through her elaborate schemes of disguise and evil plans. It is because some supernatural force reveals to me what one writer calls “the inside state of things.”

I am the only one able to pinpoint what crimes, sins, thefts, attempted thefts, robberies that she has been involved with. She brings death wherever she goes and touches. Anything she touches will be dead.

Do not try to hoodwink me that she did everything out of love, or of whatever nice reasons she has heaped herself with. Only a fool would believe that.

I know a few things.


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