Knowing and Not Knowing

Also function to explain why I start to listen to another mentor.

Plato says Socrates has commented on the God of Love. Socrates in turn learns this from a woman of wisdom.

Some interesting points about the God of Love is he is always between knowledge and ignorance, between poverty and wealth, neither good or bad, alive at one moment when he has dead at another when he does not have. He is the mean.

But there is one killer point: He is always plotting against the fair and good.

Socrates says Love means loving the good and possessing the good. Love also indicates want. You do not desire what you already have.

You do not love what is not good. Socrates does not mention whether the good and the not so good interchange at certain points.

Socrates also mentions the evil will even cut off their own hand, sometimes even their right hand, and cast it away.

In view of the situation, I come to the conclusion if something is willing to cut themselves into halves and cast 50% off in order to reach the result they desire, then such a person must be evil. My reason is any instinct, even when facing danger, is self-preservation. Let’s call this the most basic instinct. The higher instinct, what genuine Christianity calls the Christ instinct, is to preserve others first. No one has ever heard the instinct of self-destruction. If I am not wrong, I heard one professor mentioned that WWI showed that some human beings manifest the self-destructive instinct, or the death wish.

So between these three choices, self-destruction, self-preservation, and other-preservation, I will certainly chose self-preservation and if I am able preserving others later.

Anyone who manifest self-destructive behavior must be shuned, because more often than not they also destroy others during their various experiments with self-destructive, such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse, self-mutilation, sex addiction, and so on and so forth.

Such people belong to toxic assets that must be thrown out if accidentally fallen into your basket.

That is the reason why after a certain amount of time, I started to listen to another mentor. He did not, as the prayer says, “lead us into temptation.” When others plunge me into a cloud of confusion, one sentence from him led me out of the labyrinth.

That is why I have stopped listening to one mentor whose mind has been poisoned or who himself has changed for the worse along the way. I switched. It is not about who comes out first or who has done more work. I give credits where credits are due. Often I give credits more generously than many have earned. In the deepest sense, it is about your deepest desire that many haven’t even uttered to themselves. Deep down, that man would not treat me that I have been treated recently.

“I would not treat her like this.” He would say. So that is why I took his advice in place of the false advices that had been given.

He would not “punish” students, no matter how young or seemingly accomplished they are, for their excellence.

Those who have inside of themselves never need to feel anxious or jealous that others have what they do not. It is those who do not have inside themselves who manifest a sense of inadequacy, and later jealousy, and possibly even hatred against those who have.

Before the devil started to wreck damages, I never had an ill wish against anybody through my life. Then devil came, jealous over the fact that everybody seemed to like me and she was determined to change that. So, with some like-minded pathetic human beings, she started to unfold and execute her plans. Even yesterday one of her allies sent a message downgrading me from afar. Many such people, like the dog, are masters of disguise. In everyday life they would hang Christ on their lips, or Allah, or Yaweh, or Buddha, whatever it is convenient, so others who do not pay real attention, will easily mistake them to be God’s people.

That cannot be too far from the deep truth. As a result, no matter how they put on performances, other guardians still sense the truth. So some of them are not kept, as a result.

Deep, deep down, all cultures, despite their differences on the surface, whether they are ancient or young, share the same values. They respect good work, integrity of character, caring for self and others, an enterprising spirit, and innovation. It is through such that cultures communicate. They are of primary importance. All other issues are secondary.

I think I am right on this point.


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