Alice in Wonderland (current edition)

The TV is airing the New Alice in Wonderland.

Alice is an American girl with black hair, extremely intelligent, and she fell in love with a young man, from another world.

The young man turns out to be a prince of the queen ruling the other world. The Queen has a magic ring controlling entry and exit out of the mirror.

It is a very dangerous place obviously.

It is a very terrifying movie. Americans like terror movies, maybe always so. Who knows?

To me, the other world pretty much resemble the culture where each young girl is called an oyster, whose pearl is then harvested. And the girl will become useless. There is a casino like place where everyone is kept extremely happy. Everyone wins, so excitement, loyalty, happiness, clear conscience, faith, honor, dignity, youth, vitality, and so on are harvested from lots of people wandering into it.

They are locked into the place because they are all kept very happy at the casino. There are exotic dancers, and everything. Everyone wins at the gambling table, so everyone is happy.

A few might have their conscience left. One woman suddenly remembers she needs to pick up her kids from school. She remembers her responsibility as a mother. She still has some conscience left. So she is immediately singled out and put into the waiting room. The waiting room for what one does not know.

The movie isn’t finished yet. It is still being aired.

To me, everything described in this strange “other” world is exactly what is happening right now every day. All those qualities such as passion, loyalty, and faith, and conscience are being sold day in and day out.

Isn’t the film-maker rather smart? People say everything here has a price, which means it can be bought and sold. Everything certainly means everything. Maybe some people are placing a price tag on God and decide to sell the Supreme Being.

It is very logical that some are doing exactly that.

It is extremely scary.

By the way, after all those qualities have been harvested, those human beings become totally useless. They just lie on the floor, in a cell, waiting for their death.

Maybe their souls are harvested, too. I would venture to guess that might be the case.

Now this is terrifying, isn’t it?

Woolf says the world is a very dangerous place to live in. She never takes one day for granted. Maybe that is the reason she felt so deeply about each moment, and produced many pieces of works behind her. As a woman in the upper class in British society with “500 pounds a year,” metaphorically speaking, she still chose to commit suicide before she reached 50 by putting stones in her pockets, walked into a deep river, or pond, and drowned herself.

Come to think of it. She even owned her own press. She belonged to the British empire. She was in the upper class. She had economic sufficiency.

Life was still unbearable to her.

What life would be to other women who are not so intelligent, so beautiful, and so sufficient, and so what?

Her American deciple Eudora Welty says: Everything is bearable, except the pain of living. But you have to bear it anyway. Welty did not choose to commit suicide. She managed to live well into her nineties, and left behind lots of works.

Therefore it does not matter where one lives, in Britain, in America, in France, in China, in Brazil, in Taiwan. Everywhere life is unbearable.

Didn’t Kundera say, The Unbearable Lightness of Being?


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