Learning the Skin, Learning the Spirit

In everything, there is always the difference between the skin and the spirit.

The skin, by that I mean superficial imitation, differs from the spirit by thousands of miles.

Somebody is talking about the “turn or burn” approach of Christian street preachers and Gospel musicians. He notices that people are more receptive to the former who only like to bash the listeners if they think the listeners are not “saved” in the Christian faith.

To be honest, I quite agree with the author.

Even if the street preachers are perfectly right and get Christ’s message correct, if I haven’t been converted to Christianity, I just do not like them to beat my head, break my heart, and turn my life upside down, simply to make the point that they are right and saved by God’s grace that I had to convert. or I must die.

I am an intelligent person. And I am very spiritually gifted. Before these people decided that I had to be “saved,” I had God with me all the time.

What right do they think they can assume I must be an atheist, since I am from the Chinese Mainland?

I have always had God with me until God’s people decide my life had to be wrecked so that I could be “saved.” The people would deliberately wreck my life just to make a point.

Even if I believe in God, or Christ, I would stop associating with such people. Besides, I do not think they have got the real understanding of Christ, or of the Holy Bible, for that matter.

I simply detest anybody to come in and beat me on my head. And there is one particular whore, who even pointed a gun at me, execution style, because she was jealous that everybody liked me. She personifies the devil itself, and she sleeps with men everywhere.

Trying to tell me she is “spiritual?” You must be kidding. I would contend she likes sex more than anything else. Even if you argue sex and spiritual understanding goes hand in hand, I do not see the point of sleeping with many men. It does not seem valid the more you sleep with “spiritually gifted men,” the more spiritual you become.

There are many ways to reach a certain understanding. You have your way. I have mine. Even if Christ says he is the only way to the Father, one has to know what he really means by that.

Just like in accomplishing any task, there are people who must take twelve steps to accomplish a task.

There are people who can finish it in four steps. Same task, finished in four steps.

There is absolutely no way to kill the person who uses only four steps by those who have to take twelves steps. I would contend they are jealous they could not find this better way to do it, so they take it out on the one who can.

Now, why the one with four steps should be responsible for those in twelves steps?

All he or she can say is, “God is with me. I do not have to apologize for my knowledge of a better way.” You do not know it. Go and argue with God. See if HE wants to give you a little bit more.

Many who come in and bash me on my head turn out they only know the skin of things. They never got the real deal, the spirit.

The situation can be compared to writers. Great writers always deal with spiritual understanding, most probably because it is difficult. It is not like love, or family romance, or whatever. Every rank and file writer can write about such topics.

One female writer depicts the process of a spiritual revelation in a novella, in less than 120 pages, in simple English. Brilliantly done. Not one word is out of place. Not one word is wasted. It is a female writer.

Other writers take thousands of belabored pages to say the same thing. Remember Gao Xingjian’s Soul Mountain? It must be in at least three hundred pages. And that is still considered short among works dealing with the same topic.

Something happens. One person immediately understands what it is. The other party takes more than three years. And as these words are being typed, they are still putting up this and that smoke screen.

There is the difference between learning the skin of things, and getting the spirit right.

Be kind meaning being kind to oneself and being kind to others. I see often many people are extremely kind to themselves. In fact they indulge and spoil themselves, while they uphold other people to the highest impossible level they could push.

That is called insincere, if not hypocrisy.

If one is by nature strict, then one at least has to set an example, doing oneself what one requires others to do. In that case, at least those having to conform to the standards will not complain that one is sadistic in nature. Some people can meet the requirements, some can’t. And there is no need to grieve for that.

Each person was born with different capabilities. It is absurd to require them to march at the same speed at the same tempo towards the same goal.

One student in one of my classes is very smart. She does things easily that others find it difficult to understand. There are same standards that everyone is supposed to meet. But after that, she can go as far as she pleases. There is no need for me to hold her down simply to benefit the rest of the class. In fact, she may already feel underfed.

But as a teacher, one cannot focus only on the smartest. Neither can one focus only the slowest. It is still the majority. But I would never sacrifice the smartest in order to benefit the slowest. That goes against the efficiency principle.

If such a choice exists, I certainly will choose the smartest students I could find. With smart students, teaching is never a responsibility, certainly not a burden, but a joy.

One needs to find joy in what one does.

That is why I cannot think of taking up a certain job choice. I compare it to forcing a 1,000 mile horse to pull carts of worthless dirt day in and day out. The horse that can run 1,000 miles per day would rather die than pulling dirt.


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