Right to Do Sth

Somebody has the right to laugh at somebody, but nobody has the right to laugh at other’s emotions.

What is all the hustle and bustle?

If somebody does not want respect and everything desired is 吃吃豆腐,they have all the right in the world to do what they want.

If some women want is pure, rough sex, they have all the right in the world to do it. They can do it in America. They can do it in China. They can do it in cars. They can do it in cheap hotels. They can do it wearing other people’s clothes and dresses and pretended to be them. It is their right and freedom. Since each and all of them are above 18, the police wouldn’t even bother if they reported they had been date raped. It is consensual. And in America that is the most precious right being protected, if not other freedoms.

Your sexual freedom is divine, and is duely protected on this promised land. You can have as many partners as you can get. Every man and women can boast about their conquers or conquests in submissions. Nobody cares.

I do not particularly care about sexual conquests or being conquered.

I’d rather choose to be a wallflower. I have specific interests. I do not taste everybody else.

If everything simply came from a young woman’s caution while working and studying on a foreign land and in a foreign culture, I can see somewhere somebody is beyond saving. Even God cannot help them.

I do not think that is the case. Why all this blown-out? Why all this blow back?

You like somebody, then you like somebody. You do not like somebody, then you do not like somebody. Act like a man.

I would prefer to act like a man. For God’s sake, do not act like some woman, who sees like a rat, acts like a chicken, eats like a pig, and sleeps like a dog.

I told what it was in the beginning, where I was from, what I did before this study, and what I have done since everybody has eyes, including secretaries, faculties, and university administrators.

It is not that one or two persons going out slandering somebody’s reputation and will just succeed.

Haven’t Lincoln said: You can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time?

Everyone who has double or triple lives which they do not wish others to know will help themselves a lot if they can occasionally remember that line.


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