You cannot be too far from the truth

That is a command for a woman.

Stop writing, and start having babies!

I have no objection to have a child. Question is where is the husband?

Some men are so dense, they do not understand a woman’s signal, so they take it all the wrong way.

The woman tells exactly as it was, in the beginning. It was a no no.

It was like knocking on a nut. She knocked and knocked, the nut does not open.

The other side’s strategy of opening the nut is to smash it. The other party is so impatient that after that he knocked open more nuts than he could handle.

The particular nut, however, kept being thrown out, picked back in, thrown out, picked back in. No one knows how many times.

A woman has to feel secure. Since she is always being threatened with back-brreaking workload, online existence and credit history busted, her reputation deliberately tarnished or publicized in an unsavory taste, of course she is not going to open.

I am working on a female writer who declares each person, be it a man or a woman, has to have a space completely to himself or to herself where no one, not even God, is allowed to peep in and disturb. That is why this space is sacred.

When you love somebody profoundly enough, you respect this space, and do not go in 24/7 to know everything she is doing, writing, saying, or thinking, or feeling.

She has given you the freedom to keep that space, although deep down she knows lots of things are not the way they are given. You need to return that favor and respect.

Even when she chooses writing as a therapy, she mostly adopts a cryptic language. God knows so many people’s behavior are downright despicable and vicious.

Again, you love the woman, state it clearly.

She has told things clearly right from the very start, even through the entire process. It is the knowledge that this is not what is wanted that makes her finally stop.

One does not have the right to decide who to love; but one does have the right to stop loving if the other party clearly stated it is not wanted.

A man should not wait for the woman to ask him, “When are you going to marry me?”

If a man is that dense, perhaps he does not need a wife. It happened before that one man waited the woman to push things into shape. The result? He wasn’t able to keep her after all.

She left.

“What is your decision?”

“I do not have a decision.” “I never know how to make the decision.” “I want to keep them all.”

You keep all, you lose all. Being greedy in other things might be good. It is not going to be good for this issue.

When you have to make a choice, you have to make a choice. Life is not waiting. I should be gone from this place three years ago, if not for that single factor.

My life should not be placed on hold because somebody simply can’t make a decision.

As far as I know, many decisions have been lousy. It does not even benefit the decision-maker.

But life is inexplicable. Even if something is poisonous, people like it. There is nothing more to say.

There is an old saying: one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Therefore, whether something is meat or poison is really a purely subjective matter.

I think some persons are poisonous snakes, but somebody likes those snakes. Why should I worry aimlessly?

I’ve told what I need to be told, said what I need to say, and done what I need to do. Again, I have fulfilled my duties, in every sense of the word.

I do not get what I want here. People ironically think all I want is a few hundred dollars, maybe a few diamonds, or a few publications, or a fleeting romance, or some traveling experience.

That is not what I want. Those assumptions are all wrong.

If I want to take, I will take the best away with me. If I need to stay, which I am  not that high on, I need to get the best. Please do not make the mistaken view that sees me as a country pumpkin.

You cannot be too far from the truth.


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