Boundaries Are Very Important; Assumptions Are Dangerous

Remembering boundary is very important.

But then you are not quite sure when the boundary wishes to be kept, or when it wishes to be a little bit murky.

Or that crossing itself means a re-consolidation of boundary.

I haven’t forgotten who I am, if that is what people worry. Then at the same time, I am not behaving like a typical Chinese, or more accurately the expected image of a Chinese.

I behave just as I would do anywhere. Just to survive, to survive well if possible.

Sometimes people make wrong assumptions. It is wrong to assume since I am from China, then I must be a Communist, or I must be an atheist, or else I must be a Buddhist, or Taoist.

Communism is never going to happen. It is a very good ideal to aspire to. But Socialism only lasted for 30 years in China. The system created too many freeloaders which ultimately crushed it. And those quite good at freeloading or copying free rides are copying that practice after they came to the United States. Of course they cannot absolutely freeload so they exchange with disgusting practices that will dirty the mouth and the ears of decent, respectable people.

And people say Northern Europe is more socialist than those countries that claim to be socialist are. The society has to very advanced, according to Marx’s thinking, for it to practice socialism. Of course freeloaders still exist then.

But it is not a bad idea that a large number of those in society do not starve to death. Country leaders need to worry themselves about this issue, not average folks who are too busy making their own living.

Judging from my life experience, I would say I have always been favored by God till somebody somewhere decides they should take the place of the All Mighty God.

I should say I have intimate knowledge from God. It is not a viable choice to give a person a bad name and hang that person, simply because there is a need to find someone to blame.


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