Is this sentence correct?

Kate Chopin represents “the most perfect flowering of the American civilization at the end of the twentieth century.”

Her swimming out indicates a much deeper cultural need than a going away for self-discovery. She knows what she is.

Maybe every culture is the same. There is always something missing deep down.

What is Moby Dick searching for?

The essential self-contradiction in American psyche due to the worship of material wealth against the Christian belief of love and worldwide connection.

Once the culture can solve this self-contradiction, it will be able to dream of eternal greatness.

Ah, the paradox of power. One has to aspire to it, but one has to know to release it at the same time. Maybe that is the paradox epitomized by Christ’s low position and his supreme power. Few could understand it, though.

You have to give up something in order to get it. Now that will teach me something.


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