I do not ask for anything from that person, but he has to know what I want.

What I want is what everybody wants, but not everybody could get or should get.

It all depends on his choices. What kind of life he is going to have.

But I think so far he has already proven what he wants.

What I do not like is he is always attempting to catch me doing something wrong. I remembered so many strange surveys from strange, obscure universities.

I have never done anything wrong against him.

He should look back from now right till 2002, and search inside his heart to see whether I have done him wrong.

I once I had the desire of taking his heart out and take a look at it and see what is really inside.

Oh, yeah, I also saw he wants to beat me with his fist. I parried him away.

He should examine what he did to me than looking at me with his magnifying glass, trying to find one speck even if there isn’t any.

Sometimes I feel really really sorry for having loved him. To say who is whose soulmate.

You do not treat anybody this way. Anywhere you go, such behavior cannot be placed on the table, anywhere you go.

I have supported him, even when I knew everything felt like a sinking ship. It is just there is never an end to that kind of behavior.

If you cannot jump out of it, at least let me go.

I have done more than enough. You have the right to live the life you want. You do not have the right to force that kind of life onto anybody else.

One should have pity in one’s heart. If he wants to stay with the devil, then feel free to do so.

I do not have the wish to stay with that devil.

I think it is a mistake. Somebody never believes in anything, anybody puts the blame onto others.

Why don’t do the simplest thing? Look at your own heart, ask whether it is ok. If it is not, it is not.

Since I am not treated well, I am determined to pull his heart out. I really want to take a look and examine it carefully and see where it is having the problem, where it needs to be fixed.

My soul does not do that kind of things. Mine is a very good soul.

Your soul has a speck, and most importantly the speck comes from the long influence from that dog. You rescue the devil, you sacrifice yourself and those around you.

Remember you have the right to sacrifice yourself. But you absolutely do not have the right to sacrifice others.

Keep that in your mind. Because the devil has not changed a bit, no matter what you do. She is exactly the same as she started, and the devil’s biggest achievement is to persuade others that the devil does not exist. In fact, she tries every trick she can to blacken others to be evil.

If I am wrong initially, I will take both in.


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