Maybe I Was Understanding Wrongly

Maybe I was understanding wrongly.

No. Was I being created?

Now am I turning everything into a romance?

No. No. I do not think I was wrong in knowing what it is. I think that party was.

Otherwise, there would not be those words, actions, expectations, or still more actions.

Has Hurston found her soulmate, but was treated like crap instead?

I am not even telling everything I know yet. Modesty and humility serves a woman well. But then I do not have to pretend to be dense, or those small and sly actions should not be taken in order to make me feel I am a little bit forgetful.

Once there was a sitcom. A family has a boy and a girl. The girl was a beautiful blonde who cares very much about her appearance and not so much about her grade. It is a stereotype, for not all blonde girls lack brains. I am sure.

But the boy is portrayed to be rather smart. He likes to ponder. He likes to think about heavy topics, not everyday concerns.

Then the sister played a trick on him a few times, making him feel he is either forgetful or he is not as smart as he thinks he is. Finally he falls into the trap, and starts to question himself.

That is the point.

I am simply I am. I do not need to inflate myself up to pretend what I am not. Neither do I need to intentionally hide something to fit certain cultural expectations.

I haven’t pretended to be remotely connected to some dignitaries present or in ancient history. I came into contact with certain VIPs, that is due to the nature of my previous job. Of course that job is not low on the social level.

It is not necessary to pretend what you are not, such as somebody wearing my dresses or what not. The dresses fit my style and my figure when I bought them. They do not fit others, even if they tried every means so as to fit in the dresses.

It is the same as in a role, or a position. One can handle the job, then one can handle the job. What is the use of taking somebody else’s position and giving to another? They can’t fit in. They can’t handle the job. And they most probably will be miserable once they put the shoes on. Unless they are willing to cut or chop their feet to fit the shoes.

Binding their own feet willingly. That’s stupid. If the culture is not torturing them, they are willingly taking a shackle and put it around their own feet, or their neck.

That is sheer stupidity.


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