Things that Should Not Be done

Do not equate what I study with my behavior, or using what I study to guess what I will act.

I can understand and study lots of things. I can read many books. But it is a serious mistake to presume what I will do by attempting to guess what I like or what I study.

That is simplistic life wisdom.

One of the successful Chinese girl told me to separate what I study from my life. That is very sound advice. The woman writer wrote are either divorced or single. That does not mean I cannot have a family. Besides, I only wrote about the women writers for my dissertation. For other projects, I do not wish to focus on women writers anymore. I have fulfilled my duty towards women writers and corrected the not so glorious names that those unenlightened critics have thrown at them. After I have returned or established their glory, my work is finished.

It is dangerously simplistic trying to guess what a woman likes or dislikes.

I once wrote about a film that I totally dislike. Someone mistook it to mean I like that film. I gave it a thorough criticism.


The second thing to watch out is you always ask the person directly if you want information about that person. You do not go to other people and ask what they know about this person. Each one only knows a little bit about a man or a woman. Besides there are never disinterested in those kind of things. What if somebody get jealous and say things that do not present that person in very good light?

Therefore, when knowing someone, I mainly rely on my own observations and intuitions.

I have stopped painting life with rosy colors. But I am not looking at it through the dark glasses, either. There must be some good and some not so good, and some evil there, at the same time.

I only need to know which is which and treat them accordingly.


By the way, if I believe a work is good and I have sufficient evidence to back me up, I am not bowing to masters or other authorities who believe there is only one correct reading about a story.

I have done my homework well.

No authority should point at a dog and call it a horse, and expect everybody else to call that dog a thoroughbred noble horse.

I still say it is a dog, specifically a dirty bitch. A thoroughbred noble horse is a thoroughbred noble horse.


Zhao Gao was the minister of China’s first empire. He was extremely powerful and ambitious. He was second only to the emperor.

Zhao Gao wanted to usurp the throne. The emperor was placed on his high but empty throne. Many court officials were afraid of Zhao Gao’s abuse of his power.

Before Zhao Gao initiated his plan of usurpation, he wanted to test where the wind was blowing and how many court officials would support him.

One day when the court was full. The emperor was sitting on his throne and all the high officials were present. Zhao Gao asked a lowly functionary to bring a deer into the court.

“Isn’t that horse a very fine horse, Your Majesty ?” Zhao Gao asked the young emperor.

“Why, my venerable minister,” the young emperor laughed, “You must have had some problem with your eyes due to your advanced age. That’s a deer, I am sure.” The young emperor did not catch the wind. He wasn’t suspecting any danger approaching.

“Well, let’s ask the officials their opinion.” Zhao Gao replied.

Many court officials were cowed down by Zhao Gao’s power. And they knew his cruelty. So many of them caught the wind and replied it was indeed a fine horse.

Some honest souls stuck to truth. Later Zhao Gao found an excuse and executed all of them. He was successful in his usurpation of the throne.

That is a very famous story in Chinese history. It is called “pointing at a deer and calling it a horse.” In Chinese it is 指鹿为马。

I guess I must learn not to be that honest, if I still want to keep my head on my shoulders.

But then if a scholar does not tell the truth, at least as he or she perceives it, what is the point of his or her existence? They might as well go and till the land.

That is the reason scholars often keep silent.


If somebody has turned what is evil into what is not so evil, it would be a miracle indeed.

But I am sure he has not succeeded. The evil person is still very much as evil.

The biggest ability of evil is to persuade others that evil does not exist.

I know for sure the evil woman, whose spirit has been killed twice, still curses that I should cry myself to death.

Evil does not know the power of virtue. It only knows the power of evil.

Let every man and woman open their eyes.


I saw a young Chinese man is taking a whole stack of textbooks to his class. I once sought advice from him. I think he should be considered one of the successful ones.

I am not sure whether the evil women was manipulating behind or not.

But I think the man is good. But I do not want to be told I do not have a book, therefore I will not be wanted.

How many fresh phds have their academic monographs published already? That is an impossible demand.

That was the reason why I was so furious when the one I loved told me I did not need to worry about publication, since I had many books already. His ears are stuffed full by the bitches and dogs who freely sleep with men young and old to get publications.

I know for sure the most vicious bitch once boasted she got five publications already. She exchanged those opportunities with her rotten body.

If I were a man, I would even refuse to take that decaying body, and tell her I am not interested in that and ask what else she has if she wanted to trade.

I keep a very long distance between me and those kind of women.

They are not my type. I am not their type.


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