Everybody Needs a Space for Himself or Herself

Everybody needs a space for himself or herself. That space is where and when he can be completely himself. That space is sacred.

No one is allowed to intrude in.

Not even God.

Therefore, there are somethings I will not write down here. When sometimes I write, I try to put it in cryptic language so that many will not understand. The reason I write them down is not for others to understand. I write them down for one, at most, two on the world.

Everybody else won’t be able to understand, either.


Who is snooping into my income?

The other day I received a letter from IRS telling me thanking you for your inquiry into your income.

I haven’t contacted IRS for any inquiry.

If somebody wants to see whether I am making indecent or illegal money, I can tell them categorically that not one cent of such money has been made.

I would not imagine anybody is thinking of giving me one million dollars for nothing.

Even it it is like that, I still prefer to know.

Other than that, please do not snoop into my account like that. Any things and dealings have to be conducted on the table.


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