Chopin Likes Being a Widow

Freedom is very important to Kate Chopin the writer.

So many stories of hers deal with the issue of freedom, of power, of one human being with a stronger mind or stronger wallet seeking to impose his or her will upon another.

My conclusion is Chopin really cherishes freedom.

She herself married very young, at about 18. She had six children in rapid succession. By the age of 30, she was already widowed.

She never remarried.

She must have hated the fact that she gave birth to six kids even before she reached 30. So, in one of her novels, she ridiculed such a woman. She was laughing at herself.

She found living under a stronger force unbearable. So she enabled the young woman to go away from anybody. But she maintains the young woman should go away with her lover.

Chopin did not say what if the lover is too controlling? A man always wants to control a woman, especially if she is his woman.

Guess Hurston has answered the question.


Now who is stupid enough as to bring the man I left in another place near me?

I did not want the man near me.

I could not live his life for him. I could not carry him through his life. A man has to make his own life.

Maybe somebody is doing that in order to punish me.

Why should I be punished?

I was so busy with study and teaching that I hardly had time to cry when frustration hit. But one night the man sent me a long file, about 5,000-6,000 characters and demanded it be translated the next day. The translation was needed the next day. And  I had to do it.

Of course I worked like crazy and finished it. I always put others ahead of myself. Before I learned my hard lesson, of course.

The man knew the schedule and the kind of pressure I was under. He sent it mostly to judge and test that he still had power or control over me. He had other choices. He could very well ask others to translate the document.

Even if the divorce had been finalized, somebody still kicked up a storm to control me, framing me up as a spy. I guess that was the gesture to ruin me.

What would I want to do with him? Most probably he teamed up with the big snakes around in my immediate environment so that the big snake put me on its chop board. Eight angry kitchen knives were waiting for me, even before I arrived.

Today something reminded me the hellish days I spent over there.




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