Hit by an Idea

If I am not wrong, many of my former undergrad or grad classmates entered America because of me. Of course, they would be very happy about it.

I wonder how long their happiness would last. Common sense tells us happiness does not last. Only what is opposite happiness lasts long.

I do not know what to think or to tell them.

Each person has to find out living by herself, or himself.

Had a terrible dream. When I have terrible dreams, I wish they were mere dreams.

An ancient warrior has his head chopped off. Strange still, he had to grab his own severed head by the hair so as to take a look at the standing body.

Inexplicable! Only the ancient Chinese myth says Xingtian has his head chopped off by the Jade Emperor, the highest authority in Chinese myth, whose position resembles God in Judaism, because he somehow offended the highest authority.

Myths are usually extremely violent.


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