One Interview Report Sample

This sample is about Famine in Ethiopia.

I consider this a solid interview.

When consulting this sample, try not to pay excessive attention to the student’s language. After all, he is an international.

Instead focus on on how he built his questions on what he had already learned during his Literature Review, as well as how he ordered and built on his questions one after another. Lots of research, thinking, and preparedness went into his interview and his writing.

Famine in Ethiopia

(Copyright of this material belongs to the original student. Personal names in the document have been changed according to the student writer’s request.)

Your success depends on how well you have done during your Lit Review research, and how well you go about with your interview. It has nothing to do with your specific topic, or whether your life is as exciting as you wish it to be.

It is totally different from Composing yourself, and your initial investigation about your culture. With this project, you are going to ask an expert on how he or she thinks about new developments in the topic you have chosen regarding your culture.

If you have found your ideal expert, you have earned 30 percent of the project grade. If you have conducted a good, solid interview, you have scored another 30 percent. If you have written your report well, you have earned the rest, 40 percent. You can use this as a rough map to chart your progress.

Enjoy and have fun!!!


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